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tides center logoThe left-wing campaign to end Anaheim’s at-large council district system and replace it with by-district elections lurched a little further to the Left this week.

The Tides Center, a leftist non-profit based in San Francisco, has funneled $20,000 into this campaign via a new “Yes on L and M” committee set-up by Orange County Congregation Community Organization (OCCCO).  Since OCCCO is located in Anaheim, it creates the illusion of pro-Measure L actually coming from Anaheim for a change, but in reality OCCCO’s committee is just serving as a pass through.

The Tides Center is a truly radical organization. In 2013, in dispensed $70 million in grants in the US, primarily to left-wing non-profit groups. The fact that it is interested in enough in re-structuring Anaheim council elections to donate $20,000 ought to be of deeply troubling to Republicans and conservatives in Orange County. Groups like The Tides Center are diametrically opposed to understanding of the relationship between citizen and government upon which this Republic was founded. For example, The Tides Center is supportive of the Zinn Education Project, whose mission to “educate” young Americans into believing the history of their country is basically a history of not very special country of wealthy, racists white people exploiting and oppressing everyone else.

Here’s an excerpt from a 2011 article by then-CEO Melissa Bradley on why The Tides Center supports Occupy Wall Street:

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