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The Anaheim city council campaign began in earnest last week as 60,311 vote-by-mail ballots were mailed to Anaheim voters by the OC Registrar of Voters (1,104 have been returned thus far, and total VBMs issued is up to 61,994).

Campaigns times their mail campaigns to that exercise, and the first mailer (from Anaheim school trustee Jordan Brandman) landed a few days prior to VBMs being mailed.

Since then, mail pieces have been raining on Anaheim voters. Brandman and Steve Chavez Lodge have been dominating the mail box, both in their own pieces and in mailers from independent expenditure committees. Lucille Kring sent out one piece, as did John Leos (neither of which I have).

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The West Anaheim Neighborhood Association held a forum last night for Anaheim City Council candidates. 7 of the 9 candidates were there:

  • Jordan Brandman
  • Steve Chavez Lodge
  • Lucille Kring
  • John Leos
  • Brian Chuchua
  • Linda Linder
  • Duane Roberts

Liberal OC Weekly writer Gabriel San Roman went, and has an OK write up here.  San Roman took the time to criticize Steve Lodge:

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