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The Anaheim Police Association PAC has paid for a TV ad featuring APA President Kerry Condon chastizing Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait on public safety, particularly his long fight to establish a police oversight commission of the kind being pushed by anti-police activists (for example, the ACLU and the Freedom Socialist Party).

Entitled “Split Second,” the ad apparently began running this morning:

Here’s the ad script:

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Earlier this month, Jason Young — wedding videographer by trade, deceptive gadfly blogger by choice — posted this video on his blog:

Young is very excited because the 4-member panel on a PBS show supports the idea of a civilian police review to duplicate the existing layers of police oversight.

On the other hand, Young must not have liked what panelist Mike Capaldi had to say about last summer’s Manuel Diaz shooting, since he editing that part of the video out. Here’s the complete exchange:

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