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cathy greenOne of the arguments against dividing Anaheim into single-member council districts is that it makes the council dynamic more parochial and fractious because councilmembers will tend to place the interests of their section of the city above the interests of the city as a whole.

We saw that in action on December 9 when members of the OC Water District Board of Directors were explaining why they were voting for or against leasing the Ball Road Basin for the construction of a power plant. Seven of the 10 members of the OCWD Board are elected from single-member districts (they call them “divisions”). Director Cathy Green represents Division 6, which is composed of parts of Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach.

Green told the crowd of Anaheim residents and business employees she had prepared explanations for casting a vote in favor and against the power plant least, and announced she would support leasing Ball Road Basin to Competitive Power Ventures. Green said the lease would generate revenue for the OCWD, which would benefit her constituents in Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach — and she reminded us that it was their interests she had been elected to represent. Not the interests of the OCWD as a whole (which includes how the district interacts with and impacts neighboring communities), but the interests of her Division 6 residents.

It’s useful to note here that this vote went against Anaheim by the barest of margins: 6-4. If one more director had voted “no” instead of “yes,” the lease proposal would have been defeated and Anaheim would have to spend the next 18 months fighting the siting of a power plant on the Ball Road Basin.

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lady on phone

“Would I support a power plant if I knew it would make me richer and more beautiful? Why yes, I would!”

Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) – the energy company wishing to build a 400-600MW power plant on OC Water District Property next to Anaheim’s auto mall, the Phoenix Club, the Honda Center and near residential neighborhoods — paid for a poll of Anaheim residents conducted last night by Western State Policy Research.

An alert reader took detailed notes of the poll, which are provided below:

Favorable or Unfavorable:

– Phoenix Club

– Western State Policy Research

– Competitive Power Ventures

– Honda Center

– LA Angels of Anaheim

– Anaheim Chamber of Commerce

– OC Water District


– Most Important Issues in Anaheim

– City on Right or Wrong Track

– Three Favorable News   

– SoCal Energy Supply Concerned

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Ball Road Basin plantAn energy company called Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) wants to lease the 20-acre Ball Road Basin (on Ball Road, along the Santa Ana River) from the Orange County Water District (OCWD), in order to build a 400-600 megawatt power plant there. The CPV plant would sell electricity to Edison (Anaheim residents are serviced by the Anaheim Public Utilities).

OCWD is expected to vote on the CPV proposal by early December.

Ball Rd. basin sports parkThe plan is opposed by the City of Anaheim — which wants to purchase the site for a sports park, instead — and a growing “Stop the Power Plant” coalition of Anaheim residents and businesses. This Monday, November 4 at 7:00 p.m. there will be a community meeting at The Phoenix Club, where representatives from the city and the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce will provide information and answer questions about impacts of the proposed power plant and the city’s plan for a sports park.

“Stop The Power Plant” also has a Facebook page you can “like.”

Once again, the community meeting is Monday, November 4 at 7:00 p.m. at The Phoenix Club.

According to sources, the power plant proposal is unanimously opposed by the Mayor and City Council, who recognize that it is not an appropriate or compatible use for the site.   CPV is pulling out the stops and hiring a team of lobbyists to try and change that, and thus far has retained Glaab & Associates, Adam Probolsky and former Anaheim Planning Commissioner Kelly Buffa.

If the OCWD Board of Directors approves the lease agreement, the ultimate approval must come from the California Energy Commission.

Stay tuned!

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