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The Orange County Labor Federation’s (OCLF) top two 2014 election priorities are:

1) Re-Elect Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva

2) Adoption of by-district council elections in Anaheim.

This is according a presentation in January 2014 – several days after the City of Anaheim-ACLU settlement agreement placing by-district elections on the ballot – by the OCLF, entitled “Analysis of the 2014 Elections In Orange County”:

OCLF Presentation AFSCME 36 - priorities slide


So, nine months ago, the AFL-CIO chapter in Orange County decided that changing how Anaheim citizens elect their city council was second in importance only to preserving the Democratic super-majority in the Assembly. Since OCLF campaign support is given almost exclusively to Democrats, the upshot is it sees Measure L as a prime opportunity to permanently end the Republican council majorities that have governed Anaheim. Since then, the OCLF has contributed at least $20,000 to the Yes on Measure L campaign.

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OC-Labor-FedOn August 7, the OC Labor Federation, via its Orange County Dignity PAC, contributed $10,000 to the Committee for District Elections, the committee running the campaign for by-district council elections.

So, we have another contribution from another liberal special interest group interested in carving Anaheim into single-member council districts. The OC Labor Federation joins OCCORD, San Francisco-based and left-wing litigators from Northern California as funders of this effort to re-cast the politics of Anaheim city government.

Perhaps this will cause a few more scales to fall from the eyes of those Republicans who still refuse to see the campaign for by-districts in Anaheim for what it is: a campaign by the organized political Left to re-structure how Anaheim elects its council members in order to achieve permanent Democratic majorities.

The Orange County Labor Federation is holding a candidate academy tomorrow at the United Food and Commercial Worker Local 324 hall in Buena Park:

OC Labor Fed candidate school

As the flyer notes, a candidate’s endorsement by the OC Labor Federation is contingent on attending at least one of the above sessions to help them properly “understand” the issues important to the OCLF, such as:

  • Contracting Out: The Impact on the Economy (aka outsourcing to the private sector is evil and must be stopped).
  • Big Box Retailers (aka they are evil and must be stopped unless they unionize).
  • Preserving Quality Public Education (aka the answer is always to spend more of the taxpayers money and accede to teachers union demands)

The OC Labor Federation takes a fairly active role in Anaheim politics. In addition to endorsing candidates, for example, recently-departed OC Labor Fed ED Tefere Gebre leveled the (false) accusation that the Honda Center brought service in-house in order to take advantage of Enterprise Zone tax credits. OCLF President (and UCFW 324 Executive Vice President) Rick Eiden is also a director of OCCORD, which has asked the Attorney General to prosecute every member of the Anaheim City Council (except Mayor Tom Tait).

PrintIf you’re looking for an opportunity to pump your fist and demand your fair share of other people’s money, then head on over to Anaheim City Hall for the May Day rally being organized by the Orange County Labor Federation.

May Day — or International Worker Day — was established in 1891 by the Second Socialist International.

The OC Labor Federation is a major supporter of carving up Anaheim into 8 council districts – limiting Anaheim residents to voting for only one councilmember rather than having a vote in the election of every councilmember.

The chanting, sloganeering and acts of solidarity begin at 11:00 a.m., and at some point a march will commence — ending at 12:30 p.m. at La Palma Park.

It will be a proletarian good time. Be there, or be a One Percenter square!

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