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Anaheim Blog readers know the answer to that question: a left-wing coalition of unions and a non-profit union-offshoot group.

Still, it’s revealing to view demonstrations of the profoundly radical world-view that animates these activists.

Here’s OCCORD Community Organizer Yenni Diaz posting on the OC Labor Federation Facebook page:

Yenni Diaz May Day
Do you see that red graphic Ms. Diaz shares in her post? Here’s a larger version of it:

anti-poliice graphic

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PrintIf you’re looking for an opportunity to pump your fist and demand your fair share of other people’s money, then head on over to Anaheim City Hall for the May Day rally being organized by the Orange County Labor Federation.

May Day — or International Worker Day — was established in 1891 by the Second Socialist International.

The OC Labor Federation is a major supporter of carving up Anaheim into 8 council districts – limiting Anaheim residents to voting for only one councilmember rather than having a vote in the election of every councilmember.

The chanting, sloganeering and acts of solidarity begin at 11:00 a.m., and at some point a march will commence — ending at 12:30 p.m. at La Palma Park.

It will be a proletarian good time. Be there, or be a One Percenter square!

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