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moreno lefty moneyLeft-wing Chicano Studies professor Jose Moreno received two more checks from his fellow travelers on the political portside.

$1,900 From UNITE-HERE Local 11
On September 5, UNITE-HERE Local 11 – the militant union representing hotel and food service workers – gave him the maximum contribution of $1,900. This is no surprise, given the ties of ideology and association that bind Moreno and UNITE-HERE.

As readers know, UNITE-HERE would love nothing more than to have the thousands of non-unionized hotel workers in Anaheim on its membership rolls. It would represent an enormous infusion to dues revenue for the union. As I’ve noted before, unions are businesses. They are in the dues business. When UNITE-HERE fighting with Disney a few years ago, the sticking point was health care: Disney’s offer included a health care package for UNITE-HERE members. That may have been good for UNITE-HERE’s members, but not so good for UNITE-HERE, because those workers would no longer have been buying their health insurance from the union.

Currently, UNITE-HERE’s non-profit community organizing arm OCCORD (of which Moreno is a director) is litigating the city’s economic assistance agreement with the GardenWalk Hotels investors. OCCORD’s lawyer in the case is left-wing San Diego attorney Cory Briggs (who is also challenging the Anaheim Convention Center expansion in court in conjunction with CATER). OCCORD wants UNITE-HERE to represent the GardenWalk Hotels’ workers; if that happens, the lawsuit goes away. Welcome to unionized America.

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rubin $264KThe lawsuit filed by Jose Moreno et al and the ACLU against the City of Anaheim demanding the imposition of single-member council districts by judicial fiat, claimed the city was in violation of the California Voting Rights Act. One of the attorney’s sharing in the $1.22 million the city is paying as part of the lawsuit settlement is Robert Rubin.

Rubin, along with another left-wing lawyer, Joaquin Avila, authored the CVRA. Since the laws enactment in in 2002, Rubin has traveled the state filing, threatening to file or participating in CVRA lawsuits against cities and school districts. Conveniently, when defendants lose or settle CVRA lawsuits, they have to reimburse the plaintiffs for legal fees and expenses incurred.

According to Wikipedia, Rubin and Avila and their fellow litigators) have collected $4.3 million in fees from three cases. Who know one could rich fighting for the poor and disenfranchised?

Rubin was also part of the team suing Anaheim, and according to city documents he was demanding to be reimbursed at the kingly rate of $825 per hour! He billed 341.4 hours to “supervise all aspects of the case including legal/ litigation strategy and filings, argue/ attend hearings and city council meetings, correspond with opposing counsel” – which would have brought his haul to $281,655! Yowza.

As it is, Rubin settled for a mere $775 per hour, meaning he will pocket $264,585.

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