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bob_wingenrothNo one really seems to know, which is apparent from this somewhat confusing Voice of OC article on the confusion over when City Manager Bob Wingenroth departs for his new job as assistant city manager of Surprise, Arizona.

The Anaheim City Council’s agenda for Tuesday might have been shaken up because of some confusion about exactly when resigning City Manager Bob Wingenroth is stepping down and ceding control of the city’s bureaucracy to a department head.

When Wingenroth first announced his resignation earlier this month, a city news release stated it would be effective June 7.

But last week Wingenroth sent an email to city officials indicating that he had departed and left Marcie Edwards, general manager of public utilities, at the helm, according to Mayor Tom Tait, who first backed appointing Wingenroth interim city manager in 2011.

Yet by the end of the week, Wingenroth was still city manager.

“I just left City Hall, and he was there. I don’t know exactly what his status is,” Tait said when asked last week. Tait said that despite Wingenroth’s memo, the city manager will likely “stay until the next meeting.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

The Anaheim City Council meets tonight,m so perhaps some clarification on this question will emerge.

bob_wingenrothThis was published today on

Anaheim city manager takes Surprise CFO post

Surprise has appointed the city manager of Anaheim, Calif. as the city’s assistant city manager/chief financial officer.

City Manager Chris Hillman announced the selection Wednesday of Bob Wingenroth, who also was former finance director in Phoenix.

“Bob has outstanding credentials and a strong record of success as a financial expert and municipal government manager,” Hillman said. “His extensive Arizona experience is also very welcome and will benefit the residents of Surprise.”

 Wingenroth was the Phoenix city auditor from 1999 until 2005, when he was appointed finance director, a position he had until his retirement in 2009.

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A Record-Setting Term
Mayor Tom Tait may be on his way to setting a record for most high-ranking city staff to quit or be fired on in a single term. Barely more than two years in office, he’s already been through two city managers, a police chief and a city attorney. He canned City Manager Tom Wood mid-way through 2011, and City Manager Bob Wingenroth elected to get of out Dodge and submitted his resignation yesterday. City Attorney Cristina Talley, whom Tait favored, was pushed out several weeks ago. Police Chief John Welter called it a day last week.

This is not the way to build a stable, successful city government .

The smart thing to do at this point would be to bring back either of two former city managers, Jim Ruth or Dave Morgan, as the Interim CM until an executive search for a permanent city manager is completed( assuming they’re willing). The opportunity to be Anaheim City Manager should draw a slew of qualified resumes…,the operative word being should. When Bob Wingenroth was competing for the permanent spot, response to the call for applicants was underwhelming, probably due to council dynamics.

The Mayor of Santa Anaheim
Yesterday, the city issued a press release about how, as part of the Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service, Mayor Tait visited GOALS and Grandma’s House of Hope.

“Mayor Tait’s visits represented the city’s appreciation to all those who volunteer throughout Anaheim, and mirrored similar visits of appreciation by mayors across the United States,” said the press release.

Hold the phone: Grandma’s House of Hope is located in Santa Ana, not Anaheim. Taking nothing away from Grandma’s House of Hope, but shouldn’t it have been possible to find two sites in Anaheim for the Mayor of Anaheim to visit?

Guess Who Came To Dinner?
Anaheim City School District Trustee Dr. Jose F. Moreno was spotted at the Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim gala dinner on Saturday. He and his wife were table guests of Mayor Tom Tait.

Keep in mind that Moreno is suing the city of which Tait is mayor. He is the lead plaintiff in Moreno v. the City of Anaheim, a lawsuit aimed at forcing the city to adopt a single-member district system for electing the city council. This was three days before Moreno’s lawsuit was due to be heard in court. Since all involved, including the mayor and city council, will likely be deposed, it isn’t very prudent for the Mayor of Anaheim to have as his table guest someone who is suing the City of Anaheim.

Anaheim City Manager Bob Wingenroth submitted his resignation to te City Council earlier today. Here is his message to city staff:


It is with great respect and humility that I have been given the opportunity to serve you and the residents of the City of Anaheim as city manager. I have worked in a very enviable position since taking on this role in November of 2011. Every person that I work with, all the women and men who keep this city running every day, care deeply about the people of Anaheim and do all they can with all of their gifts to make our community better.

As you know, I journeyed to beautiful Anaheim after living in Arizona for nearly all of my life. When we left Arizona, I idyllically believed that everyone in our family would slowly settle by our side here, preferably in Anaheim. Four years later, we are here alone. As time has passed, the challenges of life have revealed the beauty and support of our extended family – their need for us and our need for them. My wife Lauri, daughter Rita and I plan to return to Arizona to be closer to family. A few minutes ago, I submitted my letter of resignation to our Mayor and City Council. I am grateful to our Mayor and City Council for their confidence in me and for their support to all of us.

My decision is not without regrets; Anaheim is a beautiful, diverse, and dynamic City. I have met many warm people and have built lifelong friendships. There is a special vitality that defines the people who live and work here. I am honored to have been a member of this wonderful community; I am honored to be able to work with you. Thank you for all you have done to make Anaheim the great City that it is today. Now, I’ll still be around for a couple of months. I look forward to seeing you, sharing stories, and talking about ways to continue to make our City great!


Bob Wingenroth

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