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Ryan Cantor has penned an excellent blog post about the prospect of the Orange County Water District leasing its Ball Road Basin property to Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) for the construction of a major power plant next to Anaheim businesses and residential neighborhoods. The OCWD Board of Directors is set to vote at its meeting on Monday, December 9 (it starts at 5:30 p.m.).

Ryan raises some interesting questions, including the wisdom of situating youth soccer fields next to a power plant – which is what CPV is proposing with its “Orange County Energy Park.”

An excerpt from Ryan’s post:

The [Anaheim] Chamber [of Commerce] has it right . . . on this one  This proposed plant is a poor fit for this site and the OCWD has no business entertaining a long-term land deal without issuing an RFP.  Considering Anaheim has made it known that they’re willing to purchase the property outright, turning down a large chunk of capital now to improve our water infrastructure in favor of structured lease payments seems a bit . . . wait for it . . . shocking.  Accepting this lease amounts to nothing more than burdening Anaheim residents with a tax.  It’s their neighborhood that will pay the price of hosting this plant, yet those same neighborhoods receive nothing . . . NOTHING in return for their public investment.  While it’s great to hear that OCWD customers in Lake Forest will see a rate cut as a result of this project, it isn’t right that park starved Anaheim residents get to pay more of their time and space to make that happen.

I sympathize with the aesthetic objections or even concerns with emissions from the power plant stacks, but what I’m most perplexed with is why no one is discussing the safety implications of storing massive ammonia tanks in a rather dense urban environment.  A thousand feet isn’t exactly a lot of space for an accidental vapor cloud to travel.

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IMG_2824There was a strong turnout of Anaheim residents and businesses at tonight’s OC Water District Board of Directors meeting in Fountain Valley to speak against a proposal by Competitive Power Ventures to build a 400-600MW power plant next on a site sandwiched between the Santa Ana River and the Anaheim Auto Center, next to Ball Road.

Approximately 150 people showed up, around 30 or so of whom took turns at the podium voicing their opposition to building a power plant at that location. Most of the speakers favored the City of Anaheim’s proposal to build a sports park on the same site: Read the rest of this entry »

lady on phone

“Would I support a power plant if I knew it would make me richer and more beautiful? Why yes, I would!”

Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) – the energy company wishing to build a 400-600MW power plant on OC Water District Property next to Anaheim’s auto mall, the Phoenix Club, the Honda Center and near residential neighborhoods — paid for a poll of Anaheim residents conducted last night by Western State Policy Research.

An alert reader took detailed notes of the poll, which are provided below:

Favorable or Unfavorable:

– Phoenix Club

– Western State Policy Research

– Competitive Power Ventures

– Honda Center

– LA Angels of Anaheim

– Anaheim Chamber of Commerce

– OC Water District


– Most Important Issues in Anaheim

– City on Right or Wrong Track

– Three Favorable News   

– SoCal Energy Supply Concerned

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Anaheim resident Steve Faessel addressed the community meeting.

Anaheim resident Steve Faessel addressed the community meeting.

Approximately 200 people turned out to a community meeting at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, organized by the nascent “Stop the Power Plant” campaign. The Phoenix Club is one of the Anaheim businesses that will be directly impacted by Competitive Power Ventures proposal to build a 400-600MW power plant on the Ball Road Basin site, which CPV would lease from the Orange County Water District.

Residents heard from former Anaheim Planning Commissioner Steve Faessel, who lives near the proposed plant and is leading a residents component of the “Stop the Power Plant” coalition. Faessel led them through a discussion of the particulars of the proposed plant, and was followed by Anaheim Chamber of Commerce CEO Todd Ament the Chamber is leading the business-side of the coalition). Jared Hardin of Hardin Honda (which is right next to the proposed plant) and Deputy City Manager Greg Garcia also spoke and answered questions.

Anaheim Councilman Jordan Brandman was there to show his support for the effort to stop the power plant proposal. The City of Anaheim proposes purchasing the site from the OCWD in order to build a public sports park complex for the benefit and enjoyment of residents of Anaheim and neighboring communities. OCWD Director (and Orange Councilman) Denis Bilodeau was among those in attendance.

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