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There are less than nine weeks to go before the November election, and Anaheim is part of the battleground in two of the hottest legislative contests in the state: the 34th Senate District and the 65th Assembly District. In both cases, Republicans have fielded hard-working, hard-charging nominees — Supervisor Janet Nguyen and Young Kim, respectively – who are up against the usual tidal wave of Democrat special interest money.

The GOP political action group The New Majority is hosting a “Take Back California” fundraising event for Nguyen and Kim tomorrow evening at The Pacific Club in Newport Beach:

NM event Janet Young Kim

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Young Kim

Young Kim

The Orange County Register editorial board today published an endorsement of Young Kim, who is running against incumbent Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva in Assembly District 65, which includes a significant portion of Anaheim:

As a former director of Community Relations and Asian Affairs for Rep. Ed Royce, Ms. Kim knows the district well. In her bid to serve the residents, she has focused on fixing the education system, making California more business-friendly, improving public safety and dealing with California’s crippling water and infrastructure issues.

On education, Ms. Kim said she supports charter schools, vouchers and the conclusions made in the Vergara court decision striking down the state’s two-year tenure and seniority rules, noting that the “CTA is just flat wrong.” The state should end its court fight over the decision, she said, and work toward real reforms that will make education more competitive and efficient for the state’s children.

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Another big Orange County political story to come out of Election Night was Republican Young Kim being the top vote-getter in AD65, finishing 9.6% ahead of first-term incumbent Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva, a Democrat:

kim v SQ 6-5-14


Yes, all the caveats apply: voter turnout in November will be significantly higher than it was on Tuesday, and there should be more Democratic votes in the mix. But it is never good for an incumbent to be beaten like that by a challenger. Keep in mind that then-Assemblyman Chris Norby beat Quirk-Silva by 17 points in June 2012 before going on to lose by four points in November. Here, incumbent lost the primary by almost 10 points, Furthermore, Young Kim doesn’t present the target-rich profile that Norby did – she’s a fresh, energetic face who can tap into new voter demographics in way other Republican candidates haven’t.

AD65 is 37.2% Democrat and 35.4% Republican. Since voters who are neither Dems nor Reeps had only these two candidates from which to choose, it’s no surprise they beat registration for their respective parties – but Kim beat hers by nearly 20 points, compared to 8 points for Quirk-Silva.

Both candidates were in approximately the same ballpark in terms of fundraising, and IEs will play a big part in the November election. Neither side will lack resources to communicate their respective messages.

The bottom line is Quirk-Silva is not where any incumbent in a competitive seat wants to be: facing a hard-working, energetic challenger who is a prodigious fundraiser and breaks the traditional GOP candidate mold – and in a mid-term election that will be unfriendly for Democrats.



Supervisor Janet Nguyen

Supervisor Janet Nguyen

Supervisor Janet Nguyen (Republican) is running for the open 34th Senate District against Rancho Santiago Community College District Trustee Jose Solorio, a Democrat; SD34 includes a large chunk of west Anaheim. She published this in the OC Register on Monday, and it bears re-publishing here:

SCA5 Is A Warning for State

By: Janet Nguyen

Senate Constitutional Amendment 5, a divisive piece of legislation that sought to repeal portions of Proposition 209, has been tabled. For the time being, California voters will not be forced to decide whether they want to grant preferential treatment in public education to individuals on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin. However, the battle over SCA5 is not over.

In the past, SCA5’s author Sen. Ed Hernandez made similar attempts to reintroduce preferential treatment into public education, first in 2010, with Assembly Bill 2047, and in 2011, with Senate Bill 185. Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown and Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed both bills. Consequently, while SCA5 is temporarily dormant, there is no guarantee that it will not return.

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Earlier this week, Assembly Speaker John Perez pulled Senate Constitutional Amendment 5 from the Assembly at the request of its author, Sen. Ed Hernandez. SCA 5 would basically overturn Prop. 209’s ban on discrimination in public education; per the bill’s text:

The California Constitution prohibits the state from discriminating against, or granting preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.

This measure would eliminate this prohibition on state discrimination or preference in the operation of public education.

The Left has always loathed Prop. 209’s elimination of racial preference in government, and longs for its abolition. The list of SCA 5 supporters is a roll-call of liberal interest groups.

As this Daily Kos post elucidates, this latent desire – currently expressed in SCA5 – puts California Democrats at odds with Asian-American voters because its adoption would punish their educationally over-achieving children by artificially restricting their access to top-tier UC campuses.

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Young Kim

Young Kim

This just came over the transom from the Young Kim for Assembly campaign:

Young Kim Bursts “Out of the Gate” – $427,000 Raised in Less Than Six Months

(Fullerton, CA) Republican Young Kim announced that her campaign will show $382,000 raised on the year end campaign finance report. With the addition of the $45,000 raised at her fundraiser in Buena Park last week, her campaign has now raised $427,000 in less than six months.

Since her official announcement in October, Young Kim, has rocketed to a staggering fundraising number. All of her donations have been received since the mid-year campaign finance reports.

“I am absolutely honored with the response I have received from the community,” said Young Kim. “Our campaign has been off to a blistering start since I announced my candidacy. We have support coming from hundreds of individuals and small businesses who are frustrated with what is going on in Sacramento. They want change and they trust me to be their voice in the Assembly. I won’t let them down.”

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Assembly District 65 includes the portion of western Anaheim that’s basically west of Euclid and north of Katella. It’s represented by Democrat Sharon Quirk-Silva, the former Fullerton councilmember who upset incumbent Republican Assemblyman Chris Norby in 2012. Among other votes she cast in her first year, Quirk-Silva voted to abolish the state’s Enterprise Zone program, including Anaheim’s.

In her first re-election run, she faces an energetic Republican opponent in Young Kim, a staffer for Rep. Ed Royce, who has been representing much of what is AD65 since 1982 (in the state Senate and since 1992 in Congress).

Young Kim has done quite a job clearing the field on the GP side and united the party behind her. Her fundraising is strong, she works hard, has an attractive personality and brings into play elements the run-of-the-mill GP candidate ordinarily doesn’t. AD65 will be battleground in November.

She’s holding a fundraising event this February 13 in Fullerton from 5:30 – 7:3-0 p.m. at the Hotel Fullerton:

Young Kim 2-13-14 fundraiser


Click here for the full invitation with more even and RSVP information.

Young Kim, the energetic Republican candidate for the 65th Assembly District, is holding a campaign fundraiser at The Pacific Club on Monday, December 9 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.:

Young Kim 12-9-13 fundraiser

Click here to download the flyer.

Registration in AD65 dead even: 36.2% Democrat, 35.8% Republican, 23.7% No Party Preference.

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Young Kim

Young Kim

Sharon Quirk-Silva

Sharon Quirk-Silva

I recently learned from sources-who-know that a recent poll by Assembly Democrats shows freshman Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva trailing her presumptive Republican opponent, Young Kim. I didn’t learn what size gap the poll showed between the two candidates, but was informed the caucus leadership wasn’t feeling very encouraged.

That’s not to say there won’t be a ton of money poured into the race by elements of the ruling Democratic coalition. Quirk-Silva’s narrow victory last November was an upset, but one won against a flawed and distracted incumbent. Next year, in Young Kim, she will be facing a fresh, energetic and appealing candidate who (among other things) negates the advantages Quirk-Silva has as the woman candidate.

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