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John Leos has made “transparency” a cornerstone of his campaign: he’s all about ensuring nothing is hidden from the voters.

Except when it comes to telling voters about his stands on the issues.

Click here to go to John Leos’ campaign website. Scroll down and in the lower right-hand corner you’ll see a photo of him with Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait:

Now, here’s the same photo in a John Leos campaign mailer that went out a few days ago, targeting Republican voters:

But wait! Are they the same picture? Let’s make a side-by-side comparison:

Well, what do you know? The Leos campaign altered the photo: Photoshopping out the “No on 32″ signs on the back wall.

Why would the Leos campaign do that?

Leos, a government union activists and (until recently) a director of the OCEA. opposes Prop. 32, which would require unions like his to get members’ permission before using their dues for political purposes. Prop. 32 has strong support among Anaheim Republican voters, and letting them know Leos’ stance on this issue would undercut efforts to sell him as a conservative reformer.

So Leos airbrushes his”No on Prop. 32” stance out of existence. He’s so transparent on the issue of Prop. 32 that his position on it has disappeared!

The modern Democratic Party has turned the word “choice” into a code-word for “legalized abortion.” But let’s get back to the real meaning of the word: letting people choose. As in, “I choose not to let my union automatically deduct money from my paycheck and use it to fund candidates and causes I oppose.” It’s really in line with that phrase from the Declaration of Independence, “…the pursuit of happiness.”

The biggest “choice” issue facing Californians is Prop. 32. One of the things this initiative would do, if it passed, would require that unions like Leos’s biggest supporter, the Orange County Employees Association, would have to ask a member’s permission before using his or her money for political purposes. It would be an “opt-in” stem, rather than the current, onerous “opt-out” system.

Who could be against that? Well, John Leos and the OCEA, for starters. Here’s John Leos at a recent event, wearing a “No on 32” lapel pin and surrounded by “No on 32” campaign signs:

Pay no attention to my “No on 32” lapel pin. Or those signs. Did I tell you the OC Register endorsed me? Yeah – I can’t believe it either.

Judging by the presence of the “No on 32” campaign signs, its safe to assume this was not a Republican or conservative event.

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