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Courtesy of the LA Times

This was unexpected. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is recommending Anaheim City Manager Marcie Edwards to be the next General Manager of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

Edwards has accepted, although she must be confirmed (or rejected) by the Los Angeles City Council, which could take a month.

Edwards was appointed interim city manager in May of 2013, and become the permanent city manager two months later on July 2. Prior to that, she has been general manager of the Anaheim Public Utilities since 2001, and served simultaneously as assistant city manager from 2009 to 2011 under then-City Manager Tom Wood. She came to Anaheim from the DWP.

Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray had this to say:

“It is always hard to lose a great talent like Marcie Edwards. But at the same time I am incredibly proud that she is being recognized for this historic appointment. It affirms that Anaheim is led by the best and the brightest and that our City Council was right to entrust the management of our city to a professional of her caliber.

“Her leadership stabilized the city at a critical time and should she be confirmed for this appointment, I am confident the city has a strong bench of successors and department heads to carry on her hard work in Anaheim.”

I’m sure some might spin this as Edwards looking to bail out of Anaheim city government’s fractured politics, but the reality is that for someone of her background, this is a historic opportunity and she’d be crazy to pass up the chance to run the LA DWP. She’ll be the first woman general manager of the largest municipal utility in the country and get to follow in the footsteps of William Mulholland.

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Anaheim Insider here.

At one point during last week’s City Council meeting, Kris Murray mentioned that Mayor Tait was going around the city and giving presentations to civic groups from misleading PowerPoint presentation on the Angels negotiations. Tait said he wasn’t, which was true only to the extent that his blow-up-the-Angels-negotiations tour was just getting warmed up; he had already provided the Rotary Club and Los Amigos with an earful of misinformation and was hitting more neighborhood groups later that week.

Several hours after a Renew West Anaheim activist told the council she was thinking of moving out of Anaheim because the council majority keeps disagreeing with Tait, the Mayor spoke to Renew West Anaheim. He even had Jose Moreno (the same guy suing the city) in tow. He called the negotiation MOU the greatest giveaway in Anaheim’s history, calling it the worst deal with a sports team approved by any city in the country. Never mind that nothing has been given away. Never mind that an agreement hasn’t even been negotiated. As we are seeing, Mayor Tait isn’t one to let facts get in the way of spin. It’s amazing how Anaheim’s Mayor is running around the city misinforming and misleading Anaheim’s citizens about such a critical issue, needlessly getting his constituents wound up with phony facts.

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Marcie Edwards

Marcie Edwards

Reporting out of the closed session at the end of the Anaheim City Council meeting that the council unanimously appointed interim City manager Marcie Edwards to be the permanent City Manager.

After her appointment as interim city manager, Edwards (the long-time head of the city’s large public utilitiy) had previously indicated she was not interested in seeking the permanent position – but obviously changed her mind.

Congratulations and bon chance to Ms. Edwards on her appointment as CM of the great City of Anaheim!

Marcie Edwards

Marcie Edwards

The uncertainty over exactly who was managing city government was dispelled on Tuesday when the City Council, which would be Bob Wingenroth’s last as City Manager. The council confirmed Anaheim Public Utilities General Manager Marcie Edwards would henceforth take the reins as Interim City Manager.

Edwards, a veteran of Anaheim city government, will not seek the permanent city manager position. To that end, the city council has hired Ralph Anderson & Associates to conduct the CM candidate search.

Edwards will be in the city manager’s chair when the City Council meets on May 14 to once again consider the GardenWalk Hotels agreement. Earlier this week, the Voice of OC made this claim:

At one point when it seemed as if Wingenroth might be out the door, last night’s council meeting agenda included a vote on the highly controversial $158-million subsidy for two local hoteliers. However, after it became clear that Wingenroth would be at the meeting, the item was pulled from the agenda.[emphasis added]

No source quoted, no evidence provided for that claim — which is not surprising considering it isn’t true. Whether or not Wingenroth would be at the April 30 meeting had nothing to do with re-scheduling the GardenWalk agreement, the fate of which does not hinge on the presence or absence of Bob Wingenroth.

I suppose the VOC’s claim is true in the same sense that it is true after it become clear Wingenroth would be at the April 30 meeting, the sun set and night fell on Anaheim – although a causal relationship would be hard to prove.

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