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moreno chuchua youngAccording to the Anaheim City Clerk’s website, the first big donors to left-wing Chicano Studies professor Jose Moreno’s city council candidacy were Brian Chuchua and’s Jason Young.

Moreno filed to run for Anaheim City Council on August 8. The next day, Chuchua wrote him a check for the maximum contribution of $1,900 and Young cut one for $1,000.

Chuchua is a retired businessman, two-time council candidate, one of the two (known) members of CATER (Coalition of Anaheim Taxpayers for Economic Responsibility) and helped found the Anaheim Small Business Association. Which begs the question of why he maxed out to the most left-wing, anti-business candidate in the race? Is imposing a gate tax, burdening Anaheim businesses with retention ordinances and killing jobs by imposing a “living wage” the economically responsible thing to do for Anaheim taxpayers? Of course not, but philosophically coherent action isn’t one should expect from the political precincts inhabited by Chuchua and those he follows.

The only other contributions so far to the Moreno campaign are a $1,000 transfer from his school board campaign account, a $1,777 personal loan, and a $1,900 contribution from United Food and Commercial Workers Local 324 PAC.  We won’t know about contributions of less than a $1,000 until the next round of campaign reports, due on October 6. 

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wait until my blogAnaheim Insider here.

Julie Tait, the wife of Mayor Tom Tait, sent an e-mail to supporters yesterday with a link to an OC Weekly puff piece on the Mayor. In the e-mail, she writes:

“When the special interests groups and their lobbyist start coming after Tom, please don’t believe the nasty things you might hear or read.”

Yes, because only special interests groups and lobbyists could possibly be opposed to what Tait has said and done as mayor.

“Rather than sticking to the issues, we suspect they will attack Tom’s character.  As we all know, attacking ones character is the lowest form of argument.”

The hypocrisy here is that character attacks are the stock in trade of Mayor Tait’s most intense campaign supporters and volunteers, such as Cynthia Ward, Jason Young and others. Mrs. Ward is practically the Taits’ bodyguard these days. She can hardly write a sentence without attacking the character of an Enemy of the Tait. Has that pious criticism ever been communicated to her? Young no longer publishes his nasty pro-Tait website, but character attacks against anyone who disagrees with Mayor Tait were the only kind of argument he could manage.

You can’t give what you don’t have. If the Tait campaign truly believed “attacking ones character is the lowest form of argument,” they would put a leash on their attack dogs. Otherwise, complaints about character attacks are simple hypocrisy.

The Ministry of Truth was one of four government bureaucracies that rule fictional Oceania in George Orwell’s classic novel 1984 – the propaganda arm of Ingsoc; its job to twist stated reality to suit the extant needs of the Party.

The full-page political advertisement purchased by CATER in yesterday’s Anaheim Bulletin ad embodies the spirit of the Ministry of Truth, from the “Stop Lying” headline down through the catalog of straw man arguments rolled out by these gadflies:

Ignorance is Strength

Ignorance is Strength

The “Stop Lying” logo is, ironically, more accurately directed at the authors of this ad. Let’s start with the headline:

“The Truth About The Angel Stadium Deal”

The truth is there is no Angel Stadium deal. There is only a non-binding MOU that establishes a framework for the negotiations between the city and the Angels. CATER’s claim that there is an “Angel Stadium Deal” is an untruth.

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The ACLU is demanding the city turn over a trove of documents, voice-mails e-mails, and text messages – both official and personal — from a small army of current and former councilmembers, staff, city commission appointees and private citizens, often pertaining to circumstances, events or issues not even tangentially related to “racially-polarized voting.”

It’s sort of like litigation carpet bombing, and it done in support of the racially-driven lawsuit the ACLU is arguing on behalf of lead plaintiff and Anaheim City School District Governing Board member Jose Moreno – the goal of which is to impose on Anaheim citizens a single-member council district system for which they have not asked.

ACLU letter photoClick on the image to see the October 4 letter to City Attorney Michael Houston.

The letter from ACLU attorney Bardis Vakili claims:

“The documents identified herein are relevant to a central issue in the case – the lack of accountability of Anaheim’s city council to Anaheim’s Latino community, resulting from the continued maintenance of an at-large system after being advised that the system dilutes the vote of the Latino community.”

Like I said, from the perspective of the plaintiffs and the ACLU, this is all about the color of a person’s skin.

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Year of Kindness logoMayor Tom Tait has declared 2013 the Year of Kindness in Anaheim – not that one would know it from the public comments during this morning’s special council meeting.

A group of the mayor’s supporters showed up this morning to oppose Councilman Brandman’s proposal that the mayor or a councilmember have the support of at least one colleague in order to place items on the council agenda (this would eliminate the mayor’s ability to unilaterally agendize items at any time). Nothing wrong with that.

First, and worst, was noisome gadfly William Denis Fitzgerald, who had this to say:

99% of the Jewish people are good, hard-working individuals who practice their faith. Unfortunately, less than 1% are greedy, scheming, malicious Jews like Jordan Brandman – and some say, like the Jewish leadership of the Disney corporation, whose money got Brandman elected.

It was the Jordan Brandman-type of evil jews that led to the harted of all jews in Germany and the Holocaust. let us hope that never again will people confuse the action of a few, evil, anti-American Jews like Jordan Brandman with the Jewish population as a whole.

Fitzgerald concluded with a truly vicious slur against Brandman. Spewing anti-Semitism, blaming the Holocaust on the Jews, and then spitting out a nasty epithet – Fitzgerald reached a new low this morning, which I didn’t think was possible.

I wish Mayor Tait dished out something far stronger than his mild admonishment of Fitzgerald, which was more along the lines of how to better “express” himself. although he did tell Fitzgerald he had “crossed the line” with the personal slur against Brandman.

I think it is interesting that the people in the chamber vocalized greater disapproval when the four councilmembers explained their reasons than they directed at Fitzgerald’s bigotry.

At this point, it bears mentioning that Fitzgerald is part of the Orange Juice Blog’s information transmission belt. Perennial council candidate Brian Chuchua – another cog in that clunky machine —
recently posted this on the Facebook page of the Anaheim Canyon Community Coalitions:

Chuchua posting e-mails on Anaheim Canyon Comm Coaltion FB page

It’s an e-mail from Orange Juice blogger Greg Diamond of the City of Brea, asking the like-minded to disseminate one of his unreadable, interminable screeds. You’ll note William Denis Fitzgerald there on the distribution list, along other squeaky wheels, mud-slingers and attention-seekers like Cynthia Ward, Jason Young, Larry Larsen and Amin David. Nice company.

Speaking of Amin David, he spoke a few minutes after Fitzgerald:

On this beautiful fresh morning we come here to ask questions as to why this time has been agendized for 8:00 a.m. today. It’s very strange. But certain things come from despicable people such as Jordan Brandman. He wants to stifle you, Mr. Mayor, from putting items on the agenda that need clarity, that need debate, that need public input. And he wants to stifle you from doing that.

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Jason Young fullertonThat was quick. has come and gone. Jason Young started this his attack blog last year, using it to personally malign political figures he disliked and to apotheosize those he liked.  Young, a wedding videography with a checkered past, employed a simplistic, manichean blogging style that reminded me of old communist organs like Pravda and consiting mainly with re-gurgitating other people’s content.  If you had the good fortune of not having read, it was the blog equivalent of a certain behavior exhibited by simians in zoos.

In October of last years, the OC Weekly named it “Best Blog of 2012” (sort of a doorknob award in the OC blogosphere). Now its history, and Young has shuttered the eponymous political action committee and moved to the Golden Hills section of Fullerton. The URL is re-directed to the New Anaheim, a garish blog that basically aggregates press releases and OC Register articles and is operated by the even more vicious and meretricious Art Pedroza.

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Jason Young

Jason Young

Since last summer, former Anaheim resident and political irritant Jason Young has used his “Save Anaheim” political committee to buy print ads in the Anaheim Bulletin and the Anaheim Hills News leveling venomous, dishonest, truth-twisting attacks against essentially every member of the Anaheim City Council except Mayor Tom Tait.

Jason Young regularly issued dark warnings of the terrifying reign of doom and political hellfire was preparing to unleash against the objects of his obsessive ire, but the end result was far more hat than cattle.

Still, with the beginnings of the 2014 election season upon us, I was surprised to see on the Anaheim City Clerk website that on July 1, Young filed a Form 410 terminating his Save Anaheim committee.

He also filed the Form 460 for the January 1 through June 30 period. The committee’s final exertions amounted to $4,039.87, funded by contributions from Jason Young himself, plus dinero from Brian Chuchua and Amin David. He used that mighty war-chest to buy a print ad (attacking the GardenWalk project, I believe), buy political data from Political Data, and give himself a little refund.

Why is Jason Young packing in his PAC? Who knows, really? Perhaps Jason Young was overcome with a realization of the expensive futility of his thrashings. Either way, good riddance.

The buzz in Orange County political circles this week has been about the drama that occurred during the council comments that traditionally come at the end of the Anaheim City Council meeting.

The mayor goes last, and Tom Tait took the occasion to blast Councilwoman Kris Murray over her op-ed piece on single-member council districts in last week’s Orange County Register. it’s a symptom of how negative the dynamics of Anaheim city government have become that what is, at its heart, a disagreement over the application or interpretation of the California government code blew up into allegations of character assault.

Anaheim gadfly/wedding videographer Jason Young ripped a video that has been floating around other OC blogs — but in his Ministry of Truth-style, Jason was careful to omit Murray’s response and other key moments.

So in the interest of truth, here is video of the entire incident:

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Young no facts memeThe “controversy” over the OC Register modifying its advertising policy is one of the most over-hyped trivialities I have read in a long, long time.

It was started by the Voice of OC putting itself in the position of being publicist for a temper tantrum thrown by a noisome gadfly named Jason Young, a blogger and long-time Anaheim resident who recently moved to Fullerton.

Young, a wedding videographer with a checkered past, delights in buying ads in the Anaheim Bulletin to make personal attacks on Councilmembers Gail Eastman and Kris Murray. The problem is he lets his penchant for personal attacks get in the way of being truthful.

The OC Register modifies its policy for political ads and now Jason can’t buy ads personally trashing Eastman and Murray and making false accusations. So he has a temper tantrum, and the Voice of OC acts as his bullhorn and alleging the OC Register is knuckling under to pressure from two councilmembers and Disney.

There’s no actual evidence to substantiate that allegation, but absence of evidence no longer seems to be an obstacle.

Let’s review what actually is true:

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Cristina Talley

Cristina Talley

Gabriel San Roman of the OC Weekly has published a story taking aim at the myth being spun by the usual suspects — Vern Nelson, the Take Back Anaheim crowd, Los Amigos — that Cristina Talley was a sort of Latina Joan of Arc pushed out by a sinister council majority in retribution for speaking out on behalf of la raza.

Yes, I am recommending an OC Weekly story, operating on the principle that even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Rules? Those are for lesser beings than I, Jason Young.

Rules? Those are for lesser beings than I, Jason Young.

Jason Young finally filed the Form 460 for his “Save Anaheim” PAC…eight days late!

I think there’s a $10 per-day fine involved there. But I digress.

It’s difficult to understand what Mr. Young so long to file his report. I mean, it’s really thin. Like, anorexic.

The only activity he had to report for the mighty and fearsome Save Anaheim PAC was a $644.26 contribution from himself and a $1,204.24 expenditure for when one of his ham-fisted print ads in the Orange County Register.

Young reports having 117 dollars and 87 cents left with which to strike terror into hearts of his imagined Anaheim power structure.

If you look at the actual report, you’ll notice that Young and his treasurer signed the report and dated it has having been executed on January 31, 2013 — the last day to file. In other words, they are swearing under penalty of perjury that they finished the report by the deadline.

And yet, the report is stamped as being received by the Anaheim City Clerk on February 8, more than a week later. What gives?

And isn’t this the same character who points the finger over the Brown Act violation related to the January 24, 2012 GardenWalk vote — but can’t find 30 minutes to comply with the legal deadlines for filing his skimpy campaign report?

oc-register-logoI’d like to share some more thoughts about last week’s OC Register editorial, especially the worrying about “hastily” putting the GardenWalk agreement on the agenda and concern that “other interested parties deserve more notice.”

The GardenWalk agreement isn’t exactly being rushed back to the City Council. The judge’s decision voiding the council’s January 2012 approval came out on December 10. One month later, developer Bill O’Connell, Sr. notified the city he would the agreement to be placed on the January 29 council agenda. The agreement is not on tomorrow’s agenda, as it turns out.

The Register’s concern is misplaced. Anyone tuned into to Anaheim politics knows the anti-GardenWalk forces like OCCORD and Los Amigos have been busy organizing for some time now in anticipation of another council vote on the agreement. It’s well-known among insiders that Mayor Tait has on several occasions said the anti-GardenWalk people will be out in force.  The Register’s worrying about project opponents having a chance to speak shows how out of touch the editorial writers are with Anaheim politics.

And it is hard not to notice the editorial board only seems concerned that opponents of the agreement have the opportunity to have their say. The convention wisdom in Anaheim political circles is that Brian Calle, the editorial page director, is good friends with Mayor Tait and is using the Register editorial page to support the mayor’s political agenda. That would at least explains why the libertarian paper went all-in in support the support the OCEA’s candidate for city council, John Leos.

Logic? Consistency? Those are for lesser beings.

Logic? Consistency? Those are for lesser beings.

Let me say right off the bat that I’m not according Jason Young undeserved credibility, but it is worth highlighting a comment he made on the Voice of OC yesterday while tangling with Anaheim Blog contributor Anaheimocrat — if only because Jason’s cognitive dissonance is held in such high esteem by the crowd that opposes the GardenWalk agreement while simultaneously wanting to put it on the ballot.

First, Jason tosses out this assertion:

“The majority votes on the original agreement, the public outcry is overwhelming negative against the deal (over 15,000 signatures gathered to oppose TOT giveaways), and a judge throws it out.

The people have spoken and yet Kris Murray, Gail Eastman, and Jordan Brandman  will try and ram this deal through again?”

When it is pointed out to him that the people actually did speak by electing the pro-GW candidate and rejecting the ant-GW candidates, Young quickly contradicted himself:

“The people don’t know what is going.”

So, which is it? There is no reason to grant any gravity to the signatures gathered by Take Back Anaheim’s union-funded circulators if, as Jason Young says, they were gulled from “people [who] don’t know what is going on.”

And how can “the people speak” on GardenWalk if, as Young asserts, they are don’t know what is going on? How can you there be an overwhelming outcry from an ignorant public?

This painful cognitive dissonance isn’t confined to Jason Young’s rantings, but runs through the commentary and pronouncements of anti-GardenWalk activists.

Jason and his admirers can’t have it both ways.

Hhmm. What wild goose chase shall I send city staff on today?

Hhmm. What wild goose chase shall I send city staff on today?

Since the beginning of August of this year, local gadfly Jason Young has been plastering the Anaheim City Clerk’s office with public record act requests. As of December 13, 2012, Young had submitted 22 requests between August 1 and November 30.

Of course, it is the public’s right to request public documents, and I’m not suggesting Mr. Young is doing anything wrong. But his public record requests do provide something of a window into his mind.

Jason Young’s blizzard of requests are generally wide-ranging fishing expeditions involving the half-dozen hobgoblins who populate his cramped, distorted political universe. Many are just redundant. He even submitted one about me. You really get a feel for Mr. Young’s uber-conspiratorial view of Anaheim politics and government.

Here is one of my favorites, submitted by Mr. Young on September 19, 2012 (I removed a couple of names of people who aren’t public figures):

“I’d like copies of any correspondence between Jordan Brandman and Curt Pringle, Larry Lake, Bill O’Connell, Anna Piercy, _______, Lucy Dunn, Reed Royalty, _____ and anyone associated with the unions that support the GardenWalk Hotel development.”

“..anyone associated with the unions…”? Would you like some fries with that indiscriminate dragnet, Mr. Young? Does he think incoming correspondence is checked against a matrix of known union associates and tagged “union supporter”?

Judging from the neurotic content of Mr. Young’s blog, about the only thing he has accomplished with this blizzard of PRA request is to waste the city’s time and money chasing ghosts for him. Perhaps Mr. Young can submit a PRA request for total staff time (and the equivalent cost) consumed by his PRA requests — that would actually be something worth finding out.

Hmmm. Whose character shall I assassinate today?

Anaheim gadfly blogger Jason Young is very perturbed about what he sees as a “pay to play” culture in Anaheim politics, anxious that elected officials and candidates will have their votes unduly influenced by campaign contributions.

Is this because Mr. Young is aware that 60% council candidate John Leos’ campaign contributions have come from government unions, and that the union representing Anaheim city employees has dumped an initial $50,000 into a committee dedicated to electing Leos to council (and the OCEA independent expenditure committee has spent another $12,428 buying slates for Leos) — and Mr. Young is simply alarmed Leos’ will be swayed by that support when the OCEA/AMEA contract is up for negotiation in little more than a year?

Of course not.

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Here’s video of last week’s Anaheim City Council candidates forum, sponsored by WAND:

WAND Anaheim City Council Forum from Save Anaheim on Vimeo.

It was filmed and produced by’s Jason Sumague-Young/Jason Young/Jason Garner Young.

How shall I spend my $600 campaign war chest?

“Save Anaheim,” the political action committee of wedding videographer/Murray-Eastman-Brandman-Pringle hater Jason Sumague-Young aka Jason Garner Young (or is it the other way around?), has filed its campaign disclosure for the period July 1 through September 30, 2012.

The grand total raised: $1,534.62, for a year-to-date total of $1,534.62.

$1,000 was donated by Mr. Sumague-Young.

The remaining $534.62 was an in-kind contribution of Google ads…by Sumague-Young.

$393.75 was sent on  an ad in the Anaheim Bulletin, leaving a mighty $600.25 cash-on-hand to fund further mischief.

Jason Sumague-Young aka Jason Garner Young

Or Jason Garner Young, depending on the circumstance.

In any case, the question isn’t easy to answer. He runs an obscure blog called that is mainly devoted to attacking the character and integrity of anyone who disagrees with his view of Anaheim politics — especially Councilwoman Kris Murray – and runs a few obscure Facebook pages dedicated to attacking Murray and council candidate Jordan Brandman. His commentary has all the deftness and message discipline of an old-school Pravda apparatchik.

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