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Remember the complaint filed two years ago by Shirley Grindle alleging $3,400 in illegal contributions made two years before that by Bill O’Connell Sr. to former Anaheim Councilman Harry Sidhu’s supervisor run in 2010? The OCDA issued its finding in the matter today.

In a nutshell, the District Attorney concluded that an unintentional technical violation occurred, and “that the violation was [not] criminal in nature because the evidence indicates that O’Connell and Sidhu did not have any criminal intent to violate the ordinance.” According to the DA, $1,700 of the total of $5,100 in contributions exceed the TIN CUP limits, and Sidhu’s campaign will forfeit that amount e sunty’s general fund in accordance with the ordinance.

From the DA’s letter:

The investigation was precipitated by three contributions made by businessman William O’Connell to Harry Sidhu in support of Sidhu’s campaign for County Supervisor in 2010. The contributions were made by O’Connell on behalf of three separate companies with which O’Connell and his wife are closely associated. The contributions were brought to the attention of the OCDA in 2012.

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Harry-SidhuChris Nguyen at OC Political reports that former Anaheim City Councilman Harry Sidhu has opened a campaign committee for the 68th Assembly District:

Lending credibility to rumors swirling in the Spring, former Anaheim Councilman Harry Sidhu opened a new campaign committee this month: “Harry Sidhu for Assembly 2014.”

Sidhu filed a Form 501 (Candidate Intention Statement) for the 68th Assembly District when opening that committee. On the Form 501, Sidhu also indicated he would not accept the voluntary expenditure limit of $544,000 in the primary and $953,000 in the general election.

The only catch with a 2014 bid for AD-68 is a gentleman by the name of Don Wagner.

There are four possibilities for this committee:

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