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My morning cup of Newman’s Special Blend (extra bold) suddenly tasted bitter after reading the editorial on the front page of the Opinion section of Sunday’s Orange County Register (OCR). The meaning of biased and sometimes unwarranted criticism was clear: kudos to Tom Tait, Anaheim’s mayor; boos to Curt Pringle, the city’s former mayor. picket

The editorial began, “Election season often brings out the ugliest in people [and in editorials]. Negative attack ads and misrepresentations have become commonplace. . . . Local politics are often the nastiest of all. . . . Some of the most deceptive campaign efforts, misinformation and negativity this election cycle are coming from two of the county’s largest and most prominent cities: Anaheim and Irvine.“ To these distinguished sources of misinformation and negativity, I nominate the addition of the Orange County Register.

The OCR’s editorial board accuses Pringle of “running a shameful smear campaign against Mayor Tom Tait,” who is applauded for opposing the “alarmingly lucrative deals lobbied for by Pringle” [and his allies]. He is criticized for supporting a tax incentive to build a new hotel in Anaheim near Disneyland and the convention center.

In fact, more hotels are needed in Anaheim to accommodate the ever-increasing number of visitors and conventioneers. To fulfill the needs of larger organizations and associations, the convention center must grow to ensure that Anaheim is selected as the convention city instead of groups choosing cities with larger convention centers and enough hotel rooms to house participants. Building hotels and adding space to a convention center is part of economic growth. If Anaheim wants tax revenues and sales taxes from future conventions, it must add convention center space and build hotels.

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Kring pringle

This came over the transom for the Lucille Kring for Mayor campaign:

Former Mayor Curt Pringle Endorses Lucille Kring for Anaheim Mayor

Anaheim, CA – Two-term Anaheim Mayor and former Assembly Speaker Curt Pringle today announced his endorsement of City Council Member Lucille Kring in her campaign for Mayor of Anaheim.

“Lucille’s dedication to the City of Anaheim, her record of service on behalf of Anaheim residents and her commitment to the policies, programs and priorities that are critical to Anaheim’s future are just three of the many reasons why I believe she is the best candidate to serve as our next Mayor,” Pringle said.

“No one can say that Lucille ever felt the need to divide people to achieve her goals for Anaheim. In fact, Lucille is a proven consensus builder, which this city desperately needs in the office of Mayor.”

Pringle, who served as Mayor of Anaheim from 2002-2006 and was reelected with nearly 80% of the vote to serve again from 2006-2010, said he is disappointed that his successor has on numerous occasions taken positions that are not in the best interests of the city and its residents.

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The ACLU is demanding the city turn over a trove of documents, voice-mails e-mails, and text messages – both official and personal — from a small army of current and former councilmembers, staff, city commission appointees and private citizens, often pertaining to circumstances, events or issues not even tangentially related to “racially-polarized voting.”

It’s sort of like litigation carpet bombing, and it done in support of the racially-driven lawsuit the ACLU is arguing on behalf of lead plaintiff and Anaheim City School District Governing Board member Jose Moreno – the goal of which is to impose on Anaheim citizens a single-member council district system for which they have not asked.

ACLU letter photoClick on the image to see the October 4 letter to City Attorney Michael Houston.

The letter from ACLU attorney Bardis Vakili claims:

“The documents identified herein are relevant to a central issue in the case – the lack of accountability of Anaheim’s city council to Anaheim’s Latino community, resulting from the continued maintenance of an at-large system after being advised that the system dilutes the vote of the Latino community.”

Like I said, from the perspective of the plaintiffs and the ACLU, this is all about the color of a person’s skin.

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Kevin Bacon must be connected somehow!

Several days ago, PBS “SoCal Insider” host Rick Reiff used the term “gutter politics” to refer to what he perceived (wrongly, in my opinion) as attempts to link Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait with gadfly William Fitzgerald’s now infamous anti-Semitic rant. PBS SoCal’s David Nazar went on an even more offbase on-air bender on the same topic.

Yesterday, the Voice of OC – PBS SoCal’s media partner — published a story explicitly attempting to link Anaheim Councilmembers Kris Murray and Jordan Brandman with a scandal to which they have no connection whatsoever.

Will Rick Reiff and David Nazar similarly denounce as “gutter journalism”  this actual attempt to manufacture a link between an elected official (in this case, two) and a dishonorable act – in this case from their station’s online media partner? Is anyone going to hold their breath for that to happen?

Adam Elmahrek’s post is headlined “The Calderon FBI Investigation’s Connections To OC” tortuously attempts to draw a connection to Kris Murray and Jordan.

You see, the FBI is investigation involving Sen. Ron Calderon, his brother Tom and the Central Basin Municipal Water District in LA County. on August 5, the FBI served the district with a subpoena that. According to the Los Angeles Times:

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Curt Pringle

Curt Pringle

Former Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle has contacted Councilman Jordan Brandman to let him know he has decided to decline Brandman’s appointment of him to the Charter Review Committee, citing time and business commitments.

That’s a shame, because Curt would have been a true asset to the CRC, given his experience as mayor, knowledge of the charter and past experience in amending it, not mention sound judgment and intelligence.

The Voice of OC was quick to manifest its Pringle-obsession with this article, which veered quickly into its pet topics of claiming members of this temporary, advisory committee should be required to complete financial disclosure forms. This is a feeble argument for a proposal that is a not-even-thinly-veiled political ploy directed at Curt Pringle; more on why it is a bad and arbitrary idea later.

The article also wrings its figurative hands that no Latinos were among the five CRC appointees (while failing to note that only 6 of the 36 applicants were Latinos. ore “representation” requires that individuals step up and “represent.”)


Former Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle

Former Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle recorded a robo-call urging residents to oppose the civilian police oversight commission proposed by current Mayor Tom Tait. Here’s a transcript of the call:

Hello.  This is former Mayor Curt Pringle.  When it comes to keeping Anaheim safe, the City of Anaheim is at a crossroads.  Which way will we go?  You can follow the ACLU, and others including Mayor Tom Tait, who are pursuing a terrible plan to establish a politically-driven Civilian Review Board of our Police Department.  Or you can stand with me and the overwhelming majority of Anaheim residents, families, businesses and the men and women of the Anaheim Police Association who are dedicated to fighting gangs and crime in our neighborhoods and protecting all of us and our families.  

Civilian Review Boards have not been successful.  Often they are made up of political appointees who have an agenda and don’t reflect the residents of a community. 

We don’t need a politically motivated Review Board.  We already have real police oversight – and that is from the Anaheim city council – who we the people elect. 

The ACLU and other liberal activist groups are taking advantage of recent gang activities to try to establish this review board, so that they could control it, and thus control our police department. 

After the unrest last summer in Anaheim and the increase in gang activity in the city in the last two years – I feel more than ever that we need to have a strong police department – focused on policing and protecting our community, not one worried about an ACLU driven oversight board. 

I am calling you today to ask that you make your voice heard. 

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