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Meza killers allegedly

From the Orange County Register:

Two admitted gang members accused of gunning down a 9-year-old Anaheim girl were charged Tuesday with murder, street terrorism and illegal possession of firearms.

Ricardo Cruz, 19, of Buena Park and Alfredo Miguel Aquino, 20, of Anaheim, both were on probation at the time of the slaying.

Probation officers for the two men documented a series of run-ins with authorities and had recommended in September that the pair return to custody, court records show.

Cruz and Aquino are charged with killing Ximena Meza, who was fatally wounded Oct. 22 as she played with her sisters outside the family’s Anaheim apartment.

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This mailer hitting Mayor Tom Tait on crime and public safety started landing in voter mailboxes yesterday:

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This came over the transom this morning from the Anaheim Police Association, in response to recent mailers from the Tat for Mayor campaign. The APA says the mailers use “photographs of Tom Tait with Anaheim Police Officers and Anaheim Police Chief Raul Quezada…without consent from these officers and violate California Government Code Section 3206” and criticizes the Tait campaign for “suggest[ing] that Mayor Tait has Anaheim Public Safety support” when the “Anaheim Police Association has strongly endorsed Lucille Kring against Mayor Tom Tait in the 2014 election.“:

Cease  Desist Tait 2014_Page_1

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Anaheim Insider here.

In a condescending, inaccurate mailer funded by the Tait Family Trust, Mayor Tait accuses council women Gail Eastman and Kris Murray of giving a “sweetheart” deal to the city’s public employee unions. The mailer is covered with feminine touches such as hearts, lipstick marks and pink-colored lettering. The Tait family’s mail consultant must have been in a hurry because the tea doilies and aprons were left out.

2nd CHA hit on Kris and Gail 10-16-14_Page_1

The Tait camp might want to consider that more than a few women voters are more likely to be offended by the mailer’s chauvinistic tone, which is quite out of place considering the reason Tait’s hand-picked candidate Doug Pettibone dropped out of the race (or rather, was thrown under the bus by the Mayor).

If Murray and Eastman were men, does anyone think the mailer would have looked like this?

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The Anaheim Police Association PAC has paid for a TV ad featuring APA President Kerry Condon chastizing Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait on public safety, particularly his long fight to establish a police oversight commission of the kind being pushed by anti-police activists (for example, the ACLU and the Freedom Socialist Party).

Entitled “Split Second,” the ad apparently began running this morning:

Here’s the ad script:

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The heat in the contest for Anaheim mayor, already pretty intense, was turned up several degrees when this cable TV ad began running today. The spot from Citizens for Anaheim’s Future features OC District Attorney Tony Rackauckas criticizing Mayor Tom Tait on public safety and gangs, and ends with the DA urging voters to elect a new mayor:

rojasYesenia Rojas, an SEIU-USWW organizer from Anna Drive who has become a de facto media spokesperson for that neighborhood and an active supporter of by-district council elections, as arrested this morning by Anaheim police. According to posts by her network of supporters and friends on Facebook, Rojas was brought in on an outstanding warrant for either interfering with the justice of the police, i.e. obstruction of justice.

Rojas was released on $10,000 bail at approximately 11:00 p.m.; the OC Labor Federation reportedly assisted with posting the bail. 

Council candidate and anti-police activist Donna Acevedo led the social media rally to get Rojas released. On Acevedo’s Facebook page, another anti-police activist, Zia Back, advised:

“Converge at the station. They will freak out and let her go.”

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AXON Body - FrontTomorrow night, the Anaheim City Council will consider spending $1.25 million over five years or the purchase, maintenance, etc. of 250 body-worn video cameras for Anaheim police officers.

There will doubtless be a parade of the usual “cops are racist murderers” types who will exploit this item during public comments tomorrow night, and media coverage tends to reinforce the perception of body-worn video cameras as a means to keep the police in check. For example, both the OC Register and Voice of OC quote the finding of a Rialto Police Department study that a dramatic drop in use-of-force incidents followed the adoption of body-worn video camera – the inference being that the cameras cause police officers to refrain from actions.

However, it is criminal suspects who are in primary subjects of these video cameras. They know they are being recorded and their behavior changes accordingly. Since body-worn camera recordings are evidence that can be used against them, criminal suspects are far more likely to clam up and be on their best behavior and less likely to provoke the use of force. Consequently, it follows there will be fewer occasions in which the use of force is necessary. 

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Agustin VillegasOn Monday, a 32-year old, hard-working, devoted husband and father of four sons named Agustin Villegas was shot to death on the 91 Freeway, by an as-yet unknown assailant. Villegas had lived in Anaheim for 15 years.

From the OC Register:

At the time of the shooting Villegas, a skilled mechanic, was heading home for dinner after repairing a car for a customer on Tustin Avenue in Anaheim, [his niece, Daisy] Soto said.

Villegas, who moved to Anaheim from Mexico about 15 years ago, had a loyal client base. If customer couldn’t pay for repairs, he would often let them slide until they came up with the funds, she added.

Villegas also coached youth soccer, regularly attended church and didn’t smoke or drink to set a good example for his wife, Reyna, and their four sons: 6 months, 4, 13 and 15, said Soto.

The family is attempting to raise money for Villegas’ funeral expenses. Donations can be made online at A funeral date has not yet been set.

What a tragedy. An innocent gunned down, a wife robbed of a living husband and a four boys deprived of a devoted father determined to be a good role model for them. It’s one of those episodes that makes you shake your head and wonder why such things happen to the good ones.

Agustin Villegas was the sole support of his wife and four sons. His family could use everyone’s help. You can click on this link on to donate to a fund to raise $12,000 for for funeral expenses:

Agustin Villegas moved on to a better place on 7/15/14. He leaves behind a wife and 4 kids. We ask that you please help with funeral costs.

A fatal shooting on the 91 Freeway in Anaheim created a nightmare for our family on Monday July 14, 2014. Agustin Villegas was shot and killed in front of 2 of his 4 kids. Being the sole provider for his family we ask that you please help his wife and 4 kids with funeral costs. At this point any little bit helps.

He was the sole support of his family, and they could use our help. My family is donating, and I would ask Anaheim Blog readers to give as well.  Also, car wash and yard sale began this morning at 9:00 a.m. at Magnolia High School — 2450 W. Ball Road Blvd., Anaheim — to raise money for the family.

And just as importantly, offer up your prayers for the Villegas family and for their departed father.


Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray

Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray

Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray published this op-ed in the Orange County Register:

As the mayor pro tem for the city of Anaheim, public safety is my top priority. There is nothing more important we can do as public servants than to ensure the security of our residents.

At a recent City Council meeting, I proposed a new budgetary initiative to restore the Anaheim Police Department to pre-recession levels. My proposal seeks to hire 40 additional officers over the next four years.

The city’s police officers place their lives on the line every day to serve Anaheim. Following the recent attack on an Anaheim family and officers, which resulted in the serious injury of Anaheim’s K-9 officer Bruno, our city came together to honor our men and women in uniform. We were so heartened when Bruno was able to return home to his family and handler, Officer R.J. Young. My fellow council members and I were honored to host Bruno for his official retirement ceremony on Tuesday at City Hall. Special thanks is owed to all the members of the community who have shown their support for Bruno and our officers.

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“Outrage Over Police Shooting Dominates Council Meeting”

So reads the headline of the March 26 Voice of OC article on public speakers who voiced their outrage at last week’s  city council meeting.

To recap the shooting:

  • Two probation officers checking up on a parolee, approached three men in broad daylight near the intersection of La Palma and Citron. Two of the three men ran away. One of those was Robert L. Moreno, Jr., a documented gang member and felon with a violent criminal history.
  • While fleeing, Moreno brandished his weapon at a mother and her young children who were getting out of their car, threatening to kill them if they talked to the police.
  • Moreno was hiding behind a trashcan when K9 Bruno (on a 20-foot leash) found him. Moreno opened fire, hitting the dog.

So, the parade of angry speakers at last week’s council meeting were outraged at Moreno’s callous disregard for life, at his threatening an innocent family with death, at firing his weapon at law enforcement officers – right?


They were outraged…at the police.

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