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Americana HotelThe city is planning to spruce up the segment of Beach Boulevard running from Lincoln Avenue to Ball Road, a stretch of streetscape that has seen better days.

“Improve the Boulevard” is made possible, in part, by a $500,000 grant from the state government’s Strategic Growth Council under the Sustainable Communities Planning Grant and Incentives Program. It will help fund the creation of a Beach Boulevard Specific Plan (BBSP) focused on the Beach Boulevard corridor.

From the City of Anaheim website:

West Anaheim residents generally live in well-maintained neighborhoods. However, many residents report feeling unsafe in their neighborhood due, in large part, to the negative impacts associated with the Beach Boulevard corridor. The purpose of the BBSP is to improve the image and economic potential of West Anaheim’s corridors by creating the land use framework to guide and encourage future public and private investment in the area.

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