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The Tom Tait for Mayor Facebook page posted this yesterday:

TT FB on Calle 10-27-14


It’s a link to Brian Calle, the editorial page director of the OC Register, on Fox News 11 taking issue with an independent expenditure against Mayor Tom Tait that landed in mail boxes last week:

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This mailer hitting Mayor Tom Tait on crime and public safety started landing in voter mailboxes yesterday:

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Anaheim Insider here.

In a condescending, inaccurate mailer funded by the Tait Family Trust, Mayor Tait accuses council women Gail Eastman and Kris Murray of giving a “sweetheart” deal to the city’s public employee unions. The mailer is covered with feminine touches such as hearts, lipstick marks and pink-colored lettering. The Tait family’s mail consultant must have been in a hurry because the tea doilies and aprons were left out.

2nd CHA hit on Kris and Gail 10-16-14_Page_1

The Tait camp might want to consider that more than a few women voters are more likely to be offended by the mailer’s chauvinistic tone, which is quite out of place considering the reason Tait’s hand-picked candidate Doug Pettibone dropped out of the race (or rather, was thrown under the bus by the Mayor).

If Murray and Eastman were men, does anyone think the mailer would have looked like this?

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In the wake of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, political radicals preferred to refer to that four-day orgy of violence and looting as an “uprising.” The same worldview is at work among those commemorating the rioting in Anaheim two years ago. put out an APB calling all radicals to converge on Anaheim tomorrow for a “March to End Police Terror”:

One year after the back to back, execution-style murders of Manuel Diaz and Joey Acevedo sparked an uprising in Anaheim against the police department, over 1,500 people converged for a mass statewide march to stop police terror. Please join the families of those affected by police brutality and their allied organizations for the second statewide mass march to stop police terror in the city of Anaheim.

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Anaheim Insider here. The real one.

Tom Tait had a campaign fundraiser last week. It was mildly attended from what this insider’s sources have said: about 40 people, give or take. Many were family members or staff, along with those you’d expect: Amin David, Jose Moreno, Cynthia Ward; the mayor’s personal clique of supporters more than neighborhood representation. No surprising given how the mayor has progressively alienated his supporters.

Tait touched on the topic of his opponents. He took partial credit for Councilwoman Lucille Kring’s election in 2012 and called her a flip-flopper, and mentioned Lorri Galloway as his friend and colleague who decided to run against him.

Tait kept up his pitching for the Democrats’ pet party-building project in central OC: by-district council election in Anaheim. he pointed out that by-district elections would be on the November ballot and thanked Jose Moreno, the liberal ethnic politician whose lawsuit against Anaheim cost the taxpayers almost $3 million. Tait said by-districts elections would give everyone a voice; someone might let him know that the same number of people can vote in both at-large and by-district elections.

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anaheim_riotA federal jury has cleared Anaheim Police Officer Nick Bennallack of using excessive force in the fatal 2012 shooting of Manuel Diaz on Anna Drive. The shooting incident helped spark a night of rioting in downtown Anaheim. From the OC Register:

One of the jurors said that on Anna Drive, where the shooting happened, police could reasonably expect that a man dressed like a gang member and running from them could have a gun. The neighborhood is claimed by an Anaheim gang that was at the center of a multiagency firearms and narcotics investigation.

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The consensus media line on Sunday’s anti-police protest in Anaheim is that it was “peaceful.” As someone who spent the entire afternoon at the protest, I contend that is a misleading description because it gives those who weren’t there (especially those dependent on the OC Register‘s pasteurized account) the impression it was placid. In reality, it was angry and belligerent – peaceful only in the sense there was only one arrest and violence was (for the most part) absent.

A reader e-mailed a link to this video from an “Anaheim Exposed” Flickr photostream. It shows youthful anarchists taunting the police at the Anaheim Police Department with obscene chants and gestures — protected by the wall and restraint of the officers they are jeering:


Here’s another picture from the photostream, of a young boy writing “F–k the police” in front of the police station.


He was following the example of the “grown up” protesters who were doing the same thing. Fine role models.

Many protesters gleefully joined in blanketing the police station with graffiti, offering the universal rationalization of  “it was only chalk.”  I only saw one marcher try to intervene: a matronly lady who yelled at the kids to stop – but she didn’t tell them what they were doing was wrong, but that they might get caught by the police. Other than one Brown Beret who half-heartedly tried to erase some graffiti with his shoe and a bottle of water, I didn’t see a single marcher make any attempt to clean up their mess.

After witnessing what I did all afternoon, it boggles my mind to hear or read anyone thanking the protesters for being “peaceful.” Apparently, respectful, mature and self-controlled is too much to ask of adults.

I was watching a video clip I took of the National Brown Berets at Sunday’s anti-police march (that is the only honest way to describe it) in Anaheim and noticed something at the 10-second mark (the scroll bar counts the seconds off backward for some reason).

The young woman in the grey shirt and black jacket, waving her sign and chanting along with the Brown Berets looks like none other than Marisol Ramirez, a member of the OCCORD Board of Directors and frequent provider of quotes to the Voice of OC and other media claiming the Anaheim City Council majority is out of touch with “the people.”

Here’s a screenshot of Ms. Ramirez from the OCCORD video mentioned in my previous post:

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National Brown Berets stand at attention at July 21 anti-police demonstration in front of Anaheim City Hall.

National Brown Berets stand at attention at July 21 anti-police demonstration in front of Anaheim City Hall.

I endured the long march of anti-police demonstrators through downtown Anaheim on Sunday, and my chronicle of what I saw is forthcoming.

The OC Register, the Voice of OC and the OC Weekly all published accounts of the protest, and Adam Elmahrek’s article provides – by far — the best account of the event:

Sunday’s protest was organized by Answer LA, a Los Angeles-based activist group that demonstrates against war and police brutality throughout the state. Many of the protesters were not from Anaheim, and some even had to depart early to catch a bus back to Oakland.

For two hours, friends and relatives of police shooting victims from cities up and down the state gathered outside the Police Department headquarters on South Harbor Boulevard and told stories of young men who had been gunned down by police.

The rally brought together a range of progressive interests and included members of leftist groups some of which have been around for decades.

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Anti-police graffiti spray-painted on Anaheim City Hall by protester.

Anti-police graffiti spray-painted on Anaheim City Hall by protester.

The OC Register has a few photos from yesterday’s anti-police protest in front of Anaheim City hall and the Anaheim Police Department.

It’s amazing (but not really surprising) how the OCR managed to almost completely avoid posting pictures of the red flags emblazoned with the likeness of the murderous Communist thug Che Guevara; the plenitude of signs (often carried by children) calling the police (Anaheim and otherwise) murderers and racists or the many placards supplied by the Party for Socialism and Liberation; or even a single photo of the omnipresent platoon of National Brown Berets, who seemed to be function as protest security.

Instead, the OC Register article by Jessica Terrell described the scene this way:

Carrying signs with words like “We are not anti police, we are anti police brutality” and “protect and serve, not attack and kill,” local protesters said they hoped the event would raise awareness about police tactics and inspire more residents to attend council meetings and become politically active in the city.

Was Ms. Terrell at the same protest I was? You really had to make to make an effort to cherry pick out such atypically milquetoast placards from the more typical ones like “APD Are Known To Murder Young Fathers.”

Click on this link to the AnaheimBlog’s Flickr photostream and view photos I took at the protest, which will provide you with a much more complete and truthful portrait of the nature of yesterday’s protest – which may have been mostly peaceful in terms of violent or belligerent behavior (excluding the incident where one of the protesters grabbed my iPhone and threatened to fight me for it), it was definitely not peaceable in attitude.

answerla anaheim marchUPDATED/CORRECTION: Donna Acevedo was not at the Charter Review Committee last night, as I reported earlier. There was a miscommunication with my source, and I have corrected the post accordingly, and apologize for the error.

I heard from a very reliable source who overheard a conversation among some of the Usual Gadflies at last night’s Charter review Committee meeting. Cynthia Ward relayed to her compadres the misgivings Donna Acevedo was having about the protest and her involvement in it.

My source heard Ward tell Larry Larsen and Brian Chuchua that Ms. Acevedo was “freaking out” over the protest. She worried about its potential to get out of hand given the groups who are organizing it and whose adherents will be populating it, and was concerned she’d be held responsible.

The organizing effort for the anti-police protest was kicked off on May 31 with an incendiary letter signed by Acevedo and Genevieve Huizar. The missive called the Anaheim police racist and accused them of murdering their sons (two known criminal gang members) and others, as well. Acevedo and Huizar, joining with a coalition of extreme radicals, anarchists and socialists, called for a protest on the one-year anniversary of the riots to commemorate those “historic community mobilizations.”

The itinerant radical/Occupy/anarchist community has answered the call and are gathering to descend on Anaheim on Sunday. These are people who genuinely hate the police and view them through Marxian lenses as the uniformed arm of the One Percent, whose purpose is to repress and control minorities through brutalization. It sounds weird to anyone who isn’t a college student or a tenured professor, but there are actually still people who believe that kind of nonsense.

So, a few hundred of them are coming to Anaheim, and they aren’t kumbaya-type personalities. Acevedo (and Huizar) helped to summon the genie, and now she is concerned that it has a mind of its own.

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According to my sources, 200 to 300 assorted anti-police radicals, left-wingers and anarchists are expected to assemble in front of Anaheim City Hall on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. to commemorate last year’s riots — or as protest organizers term those nights of lawlessness and property destruction, “historic community mobilizations.”

Protest organizers are working to bus anti-social types from all over California. The website of Occupy Oakland (a truly radical group) has this link to a page for bus tickets to Anaheim; there are three tiers of ticket prices, including “solidarity pricing.”

Protestors are getting excited and sharing their feelings online. Frank Lara, a Party for Socialism and Liberation activist who seems to be putting together the Riot Bus from Oakland, made this Facebook profile picture:

Frank Lara

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The left-wingers working with Genevieve Huizar and Donna Acevedo to bring a cavalcade of radicals and anarchists to protest in Anaheim this Sunday are now trying to mix in the explosive George Zimmerman verdict, with a healthy dose of race-war rhetoric:

Answer LA trayvon

“Zimmerman is free – We’ve got to fight back!”

“Justice for Trayvon!”

Gosh, it’s almost as if they want their commemoration of the 2012 Anaheim riots to turn into an actual riot!

No doubt, these folks are also solidly in favor of single-member council districts and hammering the Honda Center, and opposed to the GardenWalk development agreement.

As I mentioned in the previous post, organizers have abandoned the original plan of marching from Little People’s Park down to the Disneyland Resort. I mean, that’s a whole 2.6 miles of marching and chanting slogans!

The new route of City Hall to the Police Department is a less taxing 0.8 miles, leaving plenty of energy for shouting or throwing objects at police, kicking a police car or assorted mayhem.

After all, these are the people the current at-large system isn’t representing, and they have to give voice to their feelings some way, don’t they? Diana Lopez, who is suing Anaheim for $50 million on behalf of Genevieve Huizar, said the city was asking for another riot when City Attorney Cristina Talley was let go.

In March, a UNITE-HERE spokesperson invoked the veiled threat of a riot if the Honda Center didn’t come to terms with the union’s demands.

At the June 11 city council meeting about council districts, “take back Anaheim” leader Joanna Sosa practically called for violence if the council didn’t adopt single-member districts.

The radicals organizing the July 21 march aren’t operating in a vacuum, but under the rhetorical umbrella of “community leaders” who give aid-and-comfort to the idea that violence is a legitimate form of political expression for Latinos.

On May 31, I posted about a march being organized by Donna Acevedo, Genevieve Huizar and a motley collection of radical left-wingers and anti-police agitators for July 21.

The purpose: to commemorate the Anaheim riots of last summer; or as the extremist screed signed by Huizar and Acevedo put it, the “historic community mobilizations against the scourge of police brutality.” Somehow,  doubt the innocent business owners whose property was vandalized and destroyed remember it the same way.

I checked the website for an update on the march:

On July 21, 2012 Anaheim police murdered Manuel Diaz while he was surrendering and following police orders. He was shot in the head in front of his community. In response to the outrageous (and common) murder, community members began peaceful gathering outside their homes. The Anaheim police responded with extreme violence, unleashing attack dogs and shooting life-threatening munitions on babies, small children, elderly and everybody in range.

The video of the cowardly attack was quickly seen by millions worldwide, sparking emergency protests at the Anaheim Police Headquarters. On July 22, the Anaheim police murdered Joel Acevedo, further stoking the anger in the community. In the following days, thousands of people rose up against the scourge of police violence. Historic protests shook Anaheim for days. Though ultimately the city heavily militarized the police to repress the movement with violence and intimidation, it brought the struggle against police brutality to a national stage, and laid the foundations for future struggle. 

Now, on the 1 year anniversary of the murder of Manuel Diaz (which set of this chain of events), scores of families of police brutality victims (including the mothers of Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo) are calling on people of conscious all over California to unite for a mass march in Anaheim. Only a people’s movement can turn the tide against the epidemic of police brutality. 

Keep in mind this sort of thinking is symptomatic of the activists who are accorded “community spokesperson” status by the Voice of OC and others. Does Cynthia Ward still stand with Huizar and Acevedo on this stuff?

Here’s the flyer for the march:

answerla anaheim march

It’s revealing that symbolism and art of this sort is inspiring to the people involved with this march; they want more of this kind of anti-law enforcement attitude and behavior.

The riot-celebration march plan has changed since May, when it was planned to start at Little People’s Park and end at Disneyland. Apparently, that much marching, shouting and fist-shaking might sap the energies of these revolutionaries, so now the march will go from City Hall to the Police Department.

The cavalcade of anarchists and left-wing revolutionaries – such as the Worker Student Alliance, the Party for Socialism and Liberation and the National Lawyers Guild (a Communist party front group) — is still there.

Durham LopezI spotted this ringing endorsement for adding a fifth layer of Anaheim Police Department oversight in the form of a civilian police oversight board: the Freedom Socialist Party!

The Freedom Socialist Party presidential ticket of Stephen Durham and Christina Lopez seized on the issue last year:

The weekend of July 21 saw another chapter in the long history of racist police violence in Southern California, with Anaheim police shooting to death two young Latino men. The Freedom Socialist Party campaign of Stephen Durham for president and Christina López for vice president condemns the extreme abuses of police power that ended the lives of Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo. The brutal abuse continued with police reaction to protests of the killings, starting immediately after the shooting of the unarmed Diaz

The Freedom Socialist ticket takes the idea a step further and calls for the oversight board to be elected, have investigators, subpoena power – even a prosecutor:

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I posted the other day about the radical manifesto issued by Donna Castro Acevedo and Genevieve Huizar, calling on “the people of Southern California” to descend on Anaheim on July 21 to honor last year’s Anaheim riots and proclaim the struggle against the “epidemic of police brutality” and the racist power structure. I guess it’s still 1969 in some corners of the universe.

Among those joining in proletarian solidarity with Huizar and Acevedo is the Worker Student Alliance, UC Irvine Chapter. Here is their logo:

WSA logo
That’s an M-14 automatic rifle in the logo. Not exactly a peace sign.

Which befits a radical left-wing group that seems to spend all of its time struggling against this and struggling against that. Struggling and struggles are very big on the Left.

According to the Worker Student Alliance blog:

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anaheim-demoRadicals, working with Genevieve Huizar and Donna Acevedo, are planning a long-hot summer for the good people of Anaheim. This is from the website of Answer – LA, a radical left-wing organization, and was e-mailed out last week to left-wingers around SoCal:

A letter from the mothers of Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo, murdered by Anaheim P.D.
Call to action on the anniversary of their sons’ murders

May 23, 2013

The following is a personal appeal from the mothers of Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo, the two men murdered on July 21 and 22 by Anaheim police which sparked the historic community mobilizations against the scourge of police brutality. They are joining with other family members who’s loved ones are victims of police brutality, the ANSWER Coalition and other community groups for a Southern California Unity March Against Police Brutality on the 1 year anniversary of the events. We urge everyone to read their letter below, and learn more about march by clicking here.

To the people of Southern California:

Our names are Genevieve Huizar and Donna Michelle Castro and we are writing to you and all organizations concerned with fighting police brutality and racism. Our sons were murdered on July 21 and July 22 of last year in the city of Anaheim, sparking weeks of rebellion and resistance to the epidemic of police violence that is affecting communities throughout Southern California and beyond.

These mass protests were made possible through the broad unity of local communities and activist organizations. We call on all of you, from Bakersfield to San Diego, to converge in Anaheim again, on the one year anniversary of those dramatic events. We will march united, in the name of our fallen sons, Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo, to demand an end to police brutality throughout the region.

Our demands for the July 21 march, which are our points of unity, have come from our experiences for the past year as steadfast activists in the police brutality movement throughout Southern California, fighting alongside countless grieving mothers.

We demand:

  • Justice for Manuel Diaz, Joel Acevedo and all victims of police violence!
  • Jail all killer cops! Fire the Los Angeles and Orange County District Attorneys!
  • End racial profiling, gang injunctions and police checkpoints!
  • Community control over all police and prison guards!

We know that the people hold the power to stop police violence and that this change can only come from our collective, direct action. We will gather at Little People’s Park in remembrance of the 1978 uprising against racist Anaheim police violence. We will march on Disneyland, a world icon of Southern California, and expose the real life experience of working people that are pushed outside the bounds of Southern California tourism and affluence.

Join us in the streets on July 21st! Please endorse and/or RSVP by clicking here.

In solidarity,

Genevieve Huizar Donna Michelle Castro
Unity March inititated by:
Family of Manuel Diaz (murdered by police in Anaheim on July 21, 2012);
Family of Joel Acevedo (murdered by police in Anaheim on July 22, 2012);
Family of Martin Angel Hernandez (murdered by police in Anaheim on Mar. 6, 2012);
Family of Jose de la Trinidad (murdered by police in Willowbrook on Nov. 10, 2012);
Family & friends of Mike Nida (murdered by Downey police on Oct. 22, 2011);
Elizabeth Bustamante and John Cabrera (shot by Long Beach police on May 14, 2011);
Family of Andres Avila (murdered by Pomona police on Oct. 16, 2011);
Family of Caesar Ray Cruz (murdered by police in Fullerton on Dec. 11, 2009);
ANSWER Los Angeles; United Survivors of Anaheim; Nida’s Rydas; Jeremy Marks Defense Committee; Long Beach Campaign to Stop Police Violence, Women Organized to Resist and Defend (WORD); KmB Pro-People Youth; March Forward!; Party for Socialism and Liberation; Worker Student Alliance (UC Irvine); and more (Click here to endorse)

Get involved!

Click here for the event information. Please share widely!
Click here to endorse and/or RSVP to the July 21 march as an individual or organization.
Click here to make a donation to help build this action.

Where to start?

I don’t know if Huizar and Castro-Acevedo actually wrote this letter or if they read, approved and signed it. Given the revolutionary, the-oppressive-power-structure-is-racist tenor, it sounds like it was written by a Chicano Studies student (pardon me – Chicano/a Studies. Mustn’t be politically incorrect).

This letter is not reasonable. It is not a tempered call for reform. It is not kind. It is devoid of goodwill and charity. Huizar’s and Acevedo/Castro’s screed is the rhetorical clenched fist of the revolutionary. It’s oozes the radical’s impulse to smash.

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Rioters of the World, Unite!

Rioters of the World, Unite!

The weekend incident between Donna Castro and the Anaheim police is a vivid illustration at how differently political progressives view the issue of crime.

This screed by Vern Nelson on Orange Juice Blog is a good example. Every death from an officer-involved shooting is termed a “murder.” The criminality of those shot by the Anaheim police is glossed over. Nelson paints a Manichean picture of trigger-happy rogue cops recklessly blasting away at young Latino males who are minding their own business.

Nelson also lauds the rowdy crowd that quickly gathered around the scene where Anaheim police officer Kelly Phillips ticketed Castro for impeding traffic – although he fails to mention the mob taunted the police and angrily pelted them with bottles and eggs.

Members of the mob took videos and uploaded them to Ustream – a tactic Nelson salutes and encourages. You don’t see much of the police, but you do get an earful of obscenity-laden threats and hectoring of the police. [It’s interesting how the witnesses who claim to see all manner of Anaheim police misbehavior never have any pictures or video to back up their claims, despite the ubiquity of camera phones.]

What’s instructive is this behavior strikes Vern Nelson and other progressives as a good and worthy. Progressives tend to be romantics, inclined to see behavior like that in the videos — or last summer’s “unrest” — as more akin to the Parisian workers manning the Commune barricades than what it is: an unruly mob trying to provoke the police.

A riot isn’t a riot – it’s “civil unrest.” When the woman on the video screams, “Keep Kelly Phillips off of our street! This is what you’ll have to deal with every time. We’re all going to come out here, and we’re all going to protest your asses,” the progressive ear hears the thrilling opening chords of an uprising against The Man. It’s exciting.

The average Anaheim resident on the other hand, viewing civic life through the lens of ordered liberty and placing due value on tranquility and lawfulness, is more likely to react very differently to scenes like that in the Ustream video. This is precisely the kind of disorderly conduct and incipient lawlessness they don’t want in their neighborhoods, let alone in their city.

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Anaheim rioter meme 1I encourage you to read today’s Voice of OC article on last night’s forum organized by the East Street Community Renewal Initiative (ESCRI), a project of former (and potentially future) Councilwoman Lorri Galloway.

It contains many jewels. Let’s start with this one:

“The consensus from the forum attendees was clear – the police department is still racist, and city government still can’t be depended on for services.”

What a shock that would be the “consensus” at a forum organized by this group.

If the Republican Party of Orange County organized a community forum on “Obamacare: Three Years Later,” the consensus of forum attendees would be that it’s an unconstitutional monstrosity that ought to be repealed. If the Democratic Party of OC organized a form on the same question, the “consensus” would be that at long last, the Americans’ right to access to health care is guaranteed for all.

In other words, the “consensus” is virtually pre-determined, given the nature of the organizing group and who it consequently invites.

Look at the VOC headline:

“Anaheim Residents Still Frustrated Nearly A Year After Unrest.” 

Really? All Anaheim residents are frustrated? It’s a fair bet that the 50 or so rounded up by ESCRI feel that way, but a headline claiming that is a widespread feeling? “Some Anaheim Residents…” would be accurate.

I liked this one:

“Tensions continued to escalate until three days later when about 1,000 demonstrators were denied access to a City Council meeting.”

“Denied access”? The council chambers were already full – there was no way to fit them in. That’s like someone trying to buy a ticket to a sold-out movie and then complaining about being “denied access” to the show.

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I was looking at the flyer for tonight’s “Voice of the Community” Forum taking place this evening at St. Anthony Claret Church.

It’s a project of the East Street Community Renewal Initiative, which is a project of former-Councilwoman Lorri Galloway, whom it is widely assumed will be running for Anaheim City Council next year.

I was noticed the title – “The Aftermath of Anaheim’s Civil Unrest” – and was struck, once again, by the tendency of the Left to euphemize street violence (as long as the perpetrators hail from approved ethnic and soci0-economic backgrounds).

There was nothing “civil” about what happened in Anaheim last summer. It was a riot, plain and simple. And riots are bad for civil society. They are dangerous to ordered liberty. They undermine opportunity and prosperity. Last summer’s riot hurt Anaheim, made it less attractive to business and investment, which in turns harms the most economically vulnerable – those whom the individuals and groups profess to be concerned about even as they excoriate the police and wring their hands about understanding the rioters.

Is there anything civil about this?:



Or this?:


Anaheim rioter

Which reminds me: see the guy above with the stretched ear-lobe piercings yelling at the stoic Anaheim police officer during last summer’s “civil unrest”? I saw him last week at the May Day rally in Anaheim:

Angry left-wing union guy with stretched out ear lobes.

Angry left-wing union guy with stretched out ear lobes.

He was one of the union parade whips — they were wearing orange safety vests — although I didn”t see whether he was part of UNITE-HERE Local 11 or the Communications Workers of America, who supplied most of the boots-on-the-ground. I didn’t see this guy yelling at any police officers, but I am curious about that button he is wearing with the red star on it.

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