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This is a minor issue, but it illustrates how out-of-touch with reality are the motley crew who present themselves as the genuine Voice of the People of Anaheim.

Jason Young, who decamped for the Golden Hills section of Fullerton several months ago, posted an item on his Save Anaheim blog accusing Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray of “censorship,” claiming she blocked “Anaheim activists” from posting on the popular Anaheim Hills Buzz Facebook page.

Where does one begin to address such unreality?

First, what really happened:  Steve McKay, who runs something called the Anaheim Canyon Community Coalition and its associated Facebook page, posted a political video (the Murray-Tait face-off on SoCal Insider) on Anaheim Hills Buzz.

if you haven’t been to Anaheim Hills Buzz, it is a popular FB page where people post things such as recommendations for a good contractor or if they’re looking for a handyman or about a community event. It is a community-oriented site that is very non-political page due to desires of the proprietor of the page and those who populate it.

The proprietor of Anaheim Hills Buzz eventually removed the video, which didn’t sit well with the McKays. At this point, it bears mentioning that the Anaheim Canyon Community Coalition is a de facto Tom Tait re-election committee; nothing wrong with that, but it is what it is and underscores the irony of the criticism from Jason Young and the McKays that Anaheim Hills Buzz wants to remain non-political. Here’s what Rose McKay posted on the ACCC FB page (I have removed their photos from their comments per their request):

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A significant but overlooked on last week’s Anaheim City Council agenda was a report on the distribution of core city services throughout Anaheim.

I say significant because a core contention of the left-wing coalition pushing for single-member council districts is that East Anaheim receives a disproportionate share of city services and amenities, and that the Flatlands — especially Latino areas — are getting short-changed. This imbalance was the major underlying factor for the “unrest” in July 2012 (along with “racist cops” running around “murdering” innocent Latino males minding there own business in stolen cars or playing look-out for illegal gun deals, to listen to Genevieve Huizar, Donna Acevedo and their apologists).

Single-member council districts will magically remedy solve alleged imbalance, according to advocates of thus carving up the city. This was the mantra parroted month after month, over and over and over again by OCCORDites, UNITE-HERE members and pother assorted of this coalition at meetings of the Citizens Advisory Committee and City Council. These folks adhere to the strange theory that severing any ballot-box accountability between all councilmembers (save one) and voters in a particular council district will somehow make those councilmembers more responsive to the needs of that district. [Hey, I’m just presenting their thinking; I don’t claim it makes sense.]

The report prepared by city staff cuts the leg out from under that “the flatlands are short-changed” myth. If anything, it shows the opposite is true — an inconvenient reality for the pro-single member council districts side.

Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray’s most recent e-newsletter sums up the report’s findings:

Anaheim has emerged from a lasting recession with a stronger, sustainable economic climate due to years of innovative planning and significant private sector investments that enabled the City to hit the ground running as the state and national economies recovered. This past fiscal year, the City Council adopted a balanced budget, restored city cash reserves, and invested in core city services across all neighborhoods. The financial health of our city is a direct reflection of the strength of Anaheim’s business climate and economic growth. The nexus is clear – a strong economy grows city revenue that is reinvested into our communities. This is great news for all of Anaheim!

At last night’s council meeting, City staff presented a report on the allocation of core services to each of Anaheim’s Neighborhood Council Districts: West, Central, South, and East. The report included day-to-day costs of services such as police and fire protection, library programs, and street and park maintenance; as well as investments being made by the City’s Capital Improvement Program into community amenities and infrastructure such as parks, libraries, and community centers.

The report found that the proportion of each neighborhood’s costs are closely related to the size of its population and that investments being made through the Capital Improvement Program demonstrate a true commitment to our most distressed neighborhoods of West and Central Anaheim.

I hope you will take a moment to review the charts and graphs below that illustrate the distribution of city resources within our community.

Core Services Funded by the General Fund for FY 2013/2014

Summary Results of the Report

Summary results table

 Total Net Cost by Neighborhood

total net cost by neighborhood

Per Capita Net Cost by Neighborhood

Per capita cost by neighborhood

Capital Improvement Projects by Neighborhood

In addition to the programs and services covered by the General Fund, investments are being made into improving community amenities and building new neighborhood facilities in our city. Oftentimes these capital improvement projects have one-time costs and are funded by restrictive grants and developer fees – not the General Fund. Therefore it is important to also consider these investments being made through the City’s Capital Improvement Program when considering the distribution of resources into our city’s neighborhoods.

Investments in Community Amenities from 2005-2012

Investments in amenities

 Investments Anticipated over the Next Five Years

anticipated investments

Note: While the report included all areas of the City, it did exclude services provided to the Resort in an effort to avoid distorting analysis of the services provided to residents of the South neighborhood. The report also excluded projects and programs funded by outside restricted funds and special assessments.

The charts and graphs above have been pulled directly from the Budgeted Costs for Core Services by Neighborhood report prepared by the City of Anaheim Finance Department. To read the full report, click here.

Best regards,

Kris Murray
Council Member
City of Anaheim

I have no illusions any of this information will matter to those for whom the campaign for single-member council districts is about trying to elect liberal Democrats to the Anaheim City Council to push for liberal policies that are being stymied by the present Republican majority.

ACCC FBSo earlier this week, I receive and accept an invitation to join the Anaheim Canyon Community Coalition’s Facebook group. It’s a closed FB group of about 180 people. Members post information and news about Anaheim.

Posted by the page administrator was this message:

“Hi all, Thanks for the feedback. This ACCC page welcomes all posts from ALL sides. Some posts are emotional, some are straight forward and true, and some are twisted and false.”

The message went on to describe the ACCC Board’s activities and the groups mission.

Taking him at his word, yesterday I submitted a link to my Anaheim Blog story about Councilwoman Kris Murray’s proposal to bring back the Home Improvement Holiday (posts on the ACCC FB page have to be approved by an administrator). It was a completely positive, truthful and straightforward post, and as was my accompanying comment on the Anaheim Canyon Community Coalition page. It was reviewed and approved.

This morning, my post was gone, and I have been removed as a member of the ACCC Facebook group.

So much for “welcoming all posts from ALL sides.”

UPDATE: On the Anaheim Hills Buzz FB page, I posed a question to ACCC leader Cheryl Knutson:

Cheryl Knutson exchange



An interesting position for the ACCC leadership to adopt: it doesn’t matter whether what you’re saying is true or false, what matters is who you are. Under that policy, Jason Young is permitted to publish lots and lots of vicious, untrue and half-true posts on the ACCC Facebook page because he is a wedding videographer and not a public affairs consultant and is — as far as we know — earns no income from politics and pubic affairs.

And apparently the ACCC leadership has no objection to their FB page being “taken over” by a partisan with a criminal record. it seems there are exceptions to the ACCC leadership “it’s not the message, it’s the messenger” policy.

For the record, I had no intention of following Jason Young’s lead and plastering the ACCC FB page with every Anaheim Blog post. Unfortunately, Steve McKay and Cheryl Knutson preferred to shoot-first-and-ask-questions-never, so they’ll never find that out.

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