During the last few days, the Orange County Employees Association has donated $2,135 to the election campaign of Anaheim Union High School District Board of Trustees Al Jabbar, who was appointed to in 2013 to fill a vacancy created by Jordan Brandman’s election to the Anaheim City Council.

Jabbar, a Democrat, ran for the Anaheim City School District Board of Education in 2012 and got smoked. 

There’s nothing surprising about the OCEA donation. Jabbar, who is a county employee, is an OCEA shop steward and a past member of the OCEA Board of Directors and the OCEA Political Action Committee board. He’s one of the first local elected official the OCEA endorsed this year.

AUHSD switched from at-large to by-district elections this year, and Jabbar is running in Area 1 and faces two opponents: Linda Lobatos and Maureen Christensen.


Al Jabbar at by-district elections rally sponsored by OCCCO & OCCORD

Al Jabbar at by-district elections rally sponsored by OCCCO & OCCORD

Jabbar is an upwardly-ambitious Democratic politico. If Measure L (the by-district council elections initiative) passes, it is near certain he will run for the Anaheim City Council. That’s one reason Jabbar is an active supporter of Measure L – it would be very difficult for a liberal government union candidate like him to win a citywide election in Anaheim.

Another former OCEA director and PAC board member, John Leos, failed in two successive attempts to win election to the Anaheim City Council – despite being a Republican and the support of a combined $600,000 in independent expenditures from the OCEA.

Measure L win will transform into a electoral springboard for larval Democratic candidates for higher office.