Anaheim Insider here.

This is on the “Tom Tait for Mayor of Anaheim” Facebook page:

Tait crony capitalism

“Crony capitalism is a cancer on our party.”

Oh brother. Unless Tom Tait is on the receiving end of it, apparently.

The City of Garden Grove is subsidizing the Great Wolf Lodge Water Park resort and hotel project to the tune of almost $50 million:

As part of a 2010 deal, city leaders agreed to advance $5 million to Colorado-based developer McWhinney Enterprises, then pay another $42 million soon after the hotel opens. Officials also plan to give McWhinney public land worth about $22 million.

Chad McWhinney was a long-time associate and protege of the late OC GOP Chairman Tom Fuentes, who connected McWhinney and Tait when he worked forTait & Associates for a number of years.

The developer, McWhinney Enterprises, is no stranger to public subsidies nor to Tait. Back in 2000, as documents show, Tait & Associates received engineering contracts for “Site B” on Harbor Blvd. and Chapman Ave. to the total tune of $39,500. That intersection became part of a six-hotel development that McWhinney was involved in partnership with Stonebridge Companies in retaining the services of Tait’s firm.

It’s OK for Tom Tait to get contracts with the City of Garden Grove for work to support a friend’s development project that is being massively subsidized by Garden Grove taxpayers; exactly the sort of thing he denounces in front of the Republican Party of Orange County. But that’s not a “cancer on our party.” Actions speak louder than words.

Apparently, more than a few of the OC GOP Central Committee members ate it up. Maybe the party’s nick-name should be changed to the Gullible Old Party.

Chief Tait Sycophant Cynthia Ward commented:

“Anaheim is ground central for a fight to the death between left and right, and wrong and right.”

Someone ought to tell the OC GOP Central Committee that Tom Tait is working hard alongside the ACLU, the Democratic Party of Orange County and a slew of liberal unions to change Anaheim’s council election system from at-large to single-member districts, the surest way to turn Anaheim from the largest city in California with a Republican council to just another noisy, fractious Democratic city council pushing liberal anti-business ordinances and rewarding public employee unions.

The OC GOP’s mission is to elect Republicans, not cheer on the elected Republican who is trying hard to make it easier to elect Democrats.

That’s assuming the local GOP activists are interested in what is really happening in Anaheim.