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Judge Franz Miller has decided to let the ACLU/Jose Moreno/Amin David lawsuit against Anaheim move forward to a March 2014 trial. He has also set an October 1 date to hear City of Anaheim motions  for a stay, dismissal or bifurcation.

The salient aspect of the lawsuit to impose single-member council districts is the overwhelming focus on race and ethnicity. It is driven by a noxious state law, the deceptively named California Voting Rights Act, that treats voters as nameless members of racial or ethnic groups rather than as individual citizens, and seeks to make racial/ethnic considerations that organizing principle for how we elect our local governments.

Proponents of single-member council districts employ a number of slogans and incantations to advance their cause of carving Anaheim up electorally based on racial/ethnic criteria, in order to achieve a desired racial/ethnic outcome.

One endlessly-repeated catchphrase is “Only three Latinos have been elected to the Anaheim City Council in the city’s 156 year history.” Here’s video of the lawsuit’s lead plaintiff, Anaheim City School District Trustee Jose F. Moreno employing it at the June 11, 2013 Anaheim City Council meeting as if it is the coup de grace that ends of debate:

[NOTE: the discussion in the first minute of the video revolves around the disagreement between former Councilman Lorri Galloway and CVRA attorney Robert Rubin – one of the lawyers arguing Moreno’s lawsuit – over whether she is a bona fide Latina.]

This claim — which is echoed ad nauseum and unthinkingly in the media — lacks credibility because it rests on the false assumption that Latinos have been a significant portion of Anaheim’s population throughout the past century-and-a-half.

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comic-con-cosplay-jpgThe OC Register ran an editorial on Monday lending its support for the huge and influential Comic-Con re-locating from his its San Diego birthplace to Anaheim:

Simply put, the convention, now a marketing bonanza for science-fiction and fantasy films, TV shows, video games and other pop-culture media, looks forward to an unknown future, it has grown too large for the venue it has called home since nearly its inception and if the organizers wish to grow any further they will have to spread out to larger accommodations or hang up their capes in Southern California.

It is the same predicament Comic-Con faced in 2010 when the event had to cap attendance at 130,000 because of the limited space the 550,000-square-foot San Diego Convention Center could offer. But a last-minute offer from downtown San Diego hoteliers to provide 300,000 square feet of free space and a multiyear, more than $300,000 a year, convention center discount was enough to lock in the organizers until 2016, as reported by the U-T San Diego.

But, as the Coastal Commission drags its feet on a proposed expansion of the San Diego Convention Center over concerns of rising sea levels, the nonprofit Comic-Con International clearly has to keep other options open if organizers wish to grow and maintain the ties to its Southern California origin story.

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Superior Court Judge Franz Miller has lifted the stay on the ACLU lawsuit claiming Anaheim’s at-large election system violates the California Voting Rights Act and seeking to impose on the city a single-member council district system (that no one outside of a small. vocal faction of political interests has asked for). basically, he is allowing the lawsuit to move forward.

The city had sought to have the lawsuit dismissed, which the judge obviously turned down, and has set a March 17, 2014 trial date for the ACLU’s litigation on behalf of Anaheim City School District Trustee Jose F. Moreno, Latino activist Amin David and another plaintiff.

Keep in mind that under the ordinance adopted by the City Council a few weeks ago to shift to a residency-based districts system of elections, those four residency-based districts must be drawn and approved by March 1.

It’s my understanding (for which I’m seeking further confirmation) that Judge Miller felt it may be premature to continue a stay on the ACLU lawsuit based on the City Council voting to replace the system being litigated by the ACLU with the new, residency-based district system — at least without a full hearing.

Judge Miller did set an October 1 hearing to hear motions to stay the lawsuit or dismiss it.

I wasn’t at today’s hearing and didn’t hear the arguments or the judge’s comments. Obviously, from the perspective of those of us opposing the Left’s attempt to carve up Anaheim, today’s decision was not the preferred outcome. At the same time, neither is it defeat. Contrary to certain Vichy gadfly-types who opposed districts before they supported them but want to run-up the white flag because they are afraid of the possibility of the city writing a check to the ACLU, the better course for the city to fight it out because the city is in the right.

UPDATE: Here are the OC Register (paywall) and Voice of OC articles on today’s ruling.

Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray

Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray

Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray’s most recent e-newsletter went out yesterday, and present a very clear explanation of the City Council’s recent actions regarding the Citizens Advisory Council, districting and expanding the size of the council. This is a welcome communication, since the media and local blog coverage of this issues (with the exception of Anaheim Blog, of course) has been confused, incomplete and often misleading – a result of a persistent propaganda campaign of disinformation and misrepresentation from advocates of single-member council districts.

Anaheim City Council Approves Historic Elections Change

Council Agrees to Alter Historic City Election System and Let the Voters Decide

Following months of community meetings and public discussion, the City Council took historic action Tuesday night to alter the way in which residents elect city leaders. At a previous meeting, the Council reviewed the findings and recommendations of the Citizens Advisory Committee on Elections and Community Involvement (CAC) and listened to hours of public comment, as well as testimony from CAC members and reports by voting rights experts and city staff. 

 I am deeply grateful to the CAC – a committee comprised of private citizens – who gave countless hours serving their fellow residents, reviewing the City’s present electoral system, and studying the array of legal options available to ensure a fair and open elections process in Anaheim that serves our growing population and changing demographics. 

Staying true to the submitted CAC recommendations and input from residents, the Council took the following steps that became final following Tuesday’s City Council meeting:

  • Adopted a city ordinance to establish residency-based districts for city council members that maintains elections by city-wide vote. This system ensures neighborhood representation while maintaining a council body that is accountable and responsive to the city as a whole;
  • In addition to this ordinance, the Council approved two ballot measures for the June 3, 2014 election that will give Anaheim voters the opportunity to consider the following city charter amendments: 
  1. Establish residency-based districts for city council members with election to occur by city-wide vote; 
  1. Increase the City Council from 4 to 6 members with the Office of the Mayor continuing to be separately elected at-large.

The City Council’s action, with approval by the voters, would establish a similar elections system in Anaheim to systems used in the cities of Newport Beach, Santa Ana and most familiar to Anaheim voters, the Orange Unified School District (OUSD) representing many of Anaheim’s primary and secondary schools. 

For information on the findings and recommendations of the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) on Elections and Community Involvement, click here. For additional information on the City Council and meetings, visit

On Tuesday, the Anaheim City Council voted unanimously to ban mobile medical marijuana dispensaries — what, in states without medical marijuana laws, would be known as a drug dealer selling weed from a car.

Medical reefer is shaping up to be an electoral fight on next year’s Anaheim municipal ballot. In May, the California Supreme Court ruled that municipalities have every right to ban medical marijuana dispensaries. I agree with the court. Furthermore, the question of whether a city or county has the right to impose such a ban is totally separate from whether such bans are good public policy (which I think they are).

In any case, medical pot interests have formed a campaign committee called Anaheim Safe Access that presumably will seek to qualify a pro-medicinal reefer initiative on next year’s June or November ballot.

Since the state Supreme Court has given cities the green light, the Anaheim City Council simply acted on its long-standing position of banning medical marijuana dispensaries. Per the staff report from the item:

Not only do these mobile dispensaries pose the same problems and issues as storefront MMDs, but they have been associated with additional criminal activity targeting their unique method of operations. Delivery drivers, for example, are been reported in mainstream media as targets of armed robbers who seek cash and drugs. As a result, many of the drivers reportedly carry weapons or have armed guards as protection. There are numerous reported incidents of violent confrontations between delivery drivers and individuals targeting those drivers. Compared to “brick and mortar” MMDs which mainly operate in commercial areas and have known locations, there is thus the potential that violence related to these type of services may intrude (with little ability of law enforcement to monitor such activity) into residential neighborhoods where deliveries occur.

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The County of Orange is sponsoring a community clean-up this Saturday in the unincorporated Anaheim community of La Colonia Independencia. According to this news release from the office of Supervisor Shawn Nelson:

The County of Orange will hold a Clean-Up Day in the La Colonia  Independencia Community on Saturday, July 27, 2013, from 8:00 a.m. until the dumpsters are full.

The clean-up is sponsored by Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson, OC Public Works Neighborhood Preservation Services and OC Waste and Recycling. Dumpsters will be available at six locations and are provided by OC Waste and Recycling in cooperation with Republic Services.

Bins will be located at:

• 10841 Mac Street
• 10824 Garza Avenue
• 10872 McMurray Street
• 10901 Rustic Lane
• 10852 Harcourt Lane
• 10911 Berry Street

“By working together hand-in-hand with residents of La Colonia Independencia, OC Public Works, and OC Waste
and Recycling, we look forward to achieving our goal of safe, clean, and healthy communities across Orange
County,” commented Supervisor Nelson.

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Anaheim Resort Transportation’s “Angels Express” bus is popular with fans of the team, according to this Orange County Register article:

More than 3,700 baseball fans have boarded the Angels Express bus for roundtrips so far this season, according to the head of Anaheim Resort Transportation.

The free shuttle launched service for the first time in April, offering roundtrip rides from Downtown Disney, the Convention Center and the GardenWalk mall to the ballpark every Friday, Saturday and Sunday when the Angels are in town.

The weekend service will be offered again next year; it’s unclear whether it will become daily.

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Tefere Gebre of the OC Labor Federation

Tefere Gebre of the OC Labor Federation

As executive director of the Orange County Labor Federation, Tefere Gebre has been a vocal opponent of The Honda Center‘s decision to bring in-house its food service operation – which had been contracted to Aramark, whose workers belong to the militant UNITE-HERE union.

During public comments at the May 14 Anaheim City Council meeting, Gebre falsely claimed The Honda Center made this move in order to claim Enterprise Zone job tax credits. As mentioned, Gebre’s allegation was phony, but it was picked up and echoed statewide by a credulous media that failed to check out the claim.

Today, The Huffington Post reports that AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is going to tap Gebre to be the executive vice president of the AFL-CIO, with the departure from that post of Arlene Holt:

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The consensus media line on Sunday’s anti-police protest in Anaheim is that it was “peaceful.” As someone who spent the entire afternoon at the protest, I contend that is a misleading description because it gives those who weren’t there (especially those dependent on the OC Register‘s pasteurized account) the impression it was placid. In reality, it was angry and belligerent – peaceful only in the sense there was only one arrest and violence was (for the most part) absent.

A reader e-mailed a link to this video from an “Anaheim Exposed” Flickr photostream. It shows youthful anarchists taunting the police at the Anaheim Police Department with obscene chants and gestures — protected by the wall and restraint of the officers they are jeering:


Here’s another picture from the photostream, of a young boy writing “F–k the police” in front of the police station.


He was following the example of the “grown up” protesters who were doing the same thing. Fine role models.

Many protesters gleefully joined in blanketing the police station with graffiti, offering the universal rationalization of  “it was only chalk.”  I only saw one marcher try to intervene: a matronly lady who yelled at the kids to stop – but she didn’t tell them what they were doing was wrong, but that they might get caught by the police. Other than one Brown Beret who half-heartedly tried to erase some graffiti with his shoe and a bottle of water, I didn’t see a single marcher make any attempt to clean up their mess.

After witnessing what I did all afternoon, it boggles my mind to hear or read anyone thanking the protesters for being “peaceful.” Apparently, respectful, mature and self-controlled is too much to ask of adults.

I was watching a video clip I took of the National Brown Berets at Sunday’s anti-police march (that is the only honest way to describe it) in Anaheim and noticed something at the 10-second mark (the scroll bar counts the seconds off backward for some reason).

The young woman in the grey shirt and black jacket, waving her sign and chanting along with the Brown Berets looks like none other than Marisol Ramirez, a member of the OCCORD Board of Directors and frequent provider of quotes to the Voice of OC and other media claiming the Anaheim City Council majority is out of touch with “the people.”

Here’s a screenshot of Ms. Ramirez from the OCCORD video mentioned in my previous post:

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On July 3, when the Anaheim City Council re-visited the issue of placing single-member council districts on the June 2014 ballot, OCCORD – which has been spearheading the effort with its godparent union UNITE-HERE — was essentially a no-show.

Instead, OCCORD released a video in which four of its regulars said they weren’t coming because the council is ignoring their voices – as if it is City Council’s duty to two the OCCORD/UNITE-HERE line. One of them even complained the council meetings were a “circus” – which is ironic since it is OCCORD and UNITE-HERE who create the unruly circus atmosphere by jeering and booing opposing points of view.

Personally, I suspect the automotons OCCORD and UNITE-HERE turn out were probably burning out and unwilling to show up, so the left-wing group turned lemons into lemonade with a video claiming they would be no shows because the Corporatist Power Structure ignores the Will of the People.

Almost three weeks after the fact, OCCORD is organizing a “picket” of tonight’s council meeting, claiming the City Council “ignored” the recommendations of the Citizens Advisory Committee that OCCORD and UNITE-HERE spent months mightily trying to manipulate into supporting the division of Anaheim into eight single-member council districts.

Of course, OCCORD’s claim is a selective one that doesn’t hold water.

As this blog has noted time and again, the 10-member CAC split on the question of single-member districts versus at-large elections – five members in favor of each. At the final meeting one of the members who had voted for single-member districts had re-considered and joined with other members in an attempt to add another recommendation for electing the council at-large from residency-based districts, but were shut down by the bloc appointed by Mayor Tom Tait and former Councilwoman Lorri Galloway.

In the end, the report that was unanimously adopted by the CAC called for placing before Anaheim voters the following options:

– Electing the council at-large

– Electing the council from single-member districts

– Expanding the council to 6 members

– Expanding the council to 8 members

If OCCORD were honestly and genuinely alarmed that the CAC was being “ignored,” they would be picketing for all four questions to be placed on the June ballot. Of course, they and their allies are doing no such thing because OCCORD could care less about what the CAC actually recommended. They only want the CAC recommendations they agree with placed on the ballot — which makes their denunciations of the council majority’s actions totally hypocritical.

But what else is new?

One last thing: I hope no one from OCCORD, UNITE-HERE or anyone else who speaks tonight in favor of single-member council districts attempts to link Sunday’s march with a alleged community support for carving Anaheim up into eight districts. No one at the protest said anything about council districts except Donna Acevedo, who worked it into her speech to the crowd – whose collective response was total indifference; and in any case, the vast majority of marchers weren’t from Anaheim, and they were far more interested in tearing down the police than in anything else.

Courtesy of the Orange County Register

Courtesy of the Orange County Register

On the lighter side of things, the Orange County Register published an article on a peacock that has been roaming around Anaheim Hills for a year or so:

He goes by the names Charlie, Paulie, Boo Boo and Diego. But no matter what name he’s called, Anaheim Hills residents know the community’s biggest celebrity– a peacock.

The giant bird roams a neighborhood that backs up to Deer Canyon Park, spending his day perching on roofs, cruising down the street and sleeping in trees.

Ad the article notes, the most likely explanation for the peacock’s provenance is Irvine Regional Park, which has been home to a free-roaming flock of peacocks for many years (the equestrian center in the park is named “Peacock Hill Equestrian Center”). They are beautiful birds with an lonely, eerie-sounding call, and would certainly brighten any neighborhood they called home.

National Brown Berets stand at attention at July 21 anti-police demonstration in front of Anaheim City Hall.

National Brown Berets stand at attention at July 21 anti-police demonstration in front of Anaheim City Hall.

I endured the long march of anti-police demonstrators through downtown Anaheim on Sunday, and my chronicle of what I saw is forthcoming.

The OC Register, the Voice of OC and the OC Weekly all published accounts of the protest, and Adam Elmahrek’s article provides – by far — the best account of the event:

Sunday’s protest was organized by Answer LA, a Los Angeles-based activist group that demonstrates against war and police brutality throughout the state. Many of the protesters were not from Anaheim, and some even had to depart early to catch a bus back to Oakland.

For two hours, friends and relatives of police shooting victims from cities up and down the state gathered outside the Police Department headquarters on South Harbor Boulevard and told stories of young men who had been gunned down by police.

The rally brought together a range of progressive interests and included members of leftist groups some of which have been around for decades.

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Anti-police graffiti spray-painted on Anaheim City Hall by protester.

Anti-police graffiti spray-painted on Anaheim City Hall by protester.

The OC Register has a few photos from yesterday’s anti-police protest in front of Anaheim City hall and the Anaheim Police Department.

It’s amazing (but not really surprising) how the OCR managed to almost completely avoid posting pictures of the red flags emblazoned with the likeness of the murderous Communist thug Che Guevara; the plenitude of signs (often carried by children) calling the police (Anaheim and otherwise) murderers and racists or the many placards supplied by the Party for Socialism and Liberation; or even a single photo of the omnipresent platoon of National Brown Berets, who seemed to be function as protest security.

Instead, the OC Register article by Jessica Terrell described the scene this way:

Carrying signs with words like “We are not anti police, we are anti police brutality” and “protect and serve, not attack and kill,” local protesters said they hoped the event would raise awareness about police tactics and inspire more residents to attend council meetings and become politically active in the city.

Was Ms. Terrell at the same protest I was? You really had to make to make an effort to cherry pick out such atypically milquetoast placards from the more typical ones like “APD Are Known To Murder Young Fathers.”

Click on this link to the AnaheimBlog’s Flickr photostream and view photos I took at the protest, which will provide you with a much more complete and truthful portrait of the nature of yesterday’s protest – which may have been mostly peaceful in terms of violent or belligerent behavior (excluding the incident where one of the protesters grabbed my iPhone and threatened to fight me for it), it was definitely not peaceable in attitude.

Nothing says “peaceful community dialogue” like berets and para-military uniforms:


1:42 pm: Speaker just told the approving crowd that “Justice is only won in the street.”

1:47 pm: the protest leaders just finished a rousing chorus of “up with the people, down with the police.”

This is like being in Berkeley. Or Oakland.

Some more photos:

A nice parent-child Sunday outing:


Plenty of Commies on hand:


2:08 pm: Rhetoric getting progressively angrier and more incendiary. Lots of references to “pigs” and “killer cops” and how they’re going to fight back. The last speaker just compared the police to Spanish conquistadores wiping out “indigenous peoples.” “Only the uniforms have changed,” he shouted.

The guy talking now is complaining about “2000 years of oppression.”

2:15 pm: this lady is giving the National Brown Berets some sort if blessing:


3:15 pm: A thug protestor grabbed my phone and yelled at me to do something about it. Some other protestor got him to give it back, realizing that assault an theft aren’t good PR for La Causa.

Since then, I’ve been intermittently harassed by masked radicals who are convinced that I am either a policeman or a fed.

At the end of this video is when the thug grabbed my phone:

Can’t upload the video

4:33 pm – This is protest is endless. The eternal parade if speakers is killing the dwindling crowd, most of whom are Cleary bored and distracted.

Adam Ant is playing at The City National Grove of Anaheim tonight at 7:00 p.m.

Adam Ant is one of those musical figures who are emblematic of an era, in this case the early 1980s. The catalog of New Wave classics is long:

  • Stand and Deliver
  • Antmusic
  • Los Rancheros
  • Dog Eat Dog
  • Kings of the Wild Fontier
  • Jolly Roger
  • Goody Two Shows
  • Friend or Foe

I was perusing old albums at a thrift shop near Glover Stadium during my junior year at Servite High School when I first heard of Adam and the Ants. This alternative-looking guy struck up a conversation with me, asking me if I had ever heard of Adam and the Ants, telling me how he used to be a punk rocker but once he discovered Adam and the Ants he stopped being a punker. He was kind of odd and I was more interested in extricating myself from the conversation than learning more about this band he was so enthusiastic about…a few months later I heard them for myself and have been a fan ever since.

IMG_1012[1]So it was pretty cool when I was at The Catch earlier today and someone pointed out to be that Adam Ant was in the bar. I went over to where he was quietly reading a book, introduced myself and explained I was a big fan. He was very gracious and agreed to take a picture with me.

I hope any readers who are going to the concert tonight have a rockin’ New Wave evening!

answerla anaheim marchUPDATED/CORRECTION: Donna Acevedo was not at the Charter Review Committee last night, as I reported earlier. There was a miscommunication with my source, and I have corrected the post accordingly, and apologize for the error.

I heard from a very reliable source who overheard a conversation among some of the Usual Gadflies at last night’s Charter review Committee meeting. Cynthia Ward relayed to her compadres the misgivings Donna Acevedo was having about the protest and her involvement in it.

My source heard Ward tell Larry Larsen and Brian Chuchua that Ms. Acevedo was “freaking out” over the protest. She worried about its potential to get out of hand given the groups who are organizing it and whose adherents will be populating it, and was concerned she’d be held responsible.

The organizing effort for the anti-police protest was kicked off on May 31 with an incendiary letter signed by Acevedo and Genevieve Huizar. The missive called the Anaheim police racist and accused them of murdering their sons (two known criminal gang members) and others, as well. Acevedo and Huizar, joining with a coalition of extreme radicals, anarchists and socialists, called for a protest on the one-year anniversary of the riots to commemorate those “historic community mobilizations.”

The itinerant radical/Occupy/anarchist community has answered the call and are gathering to descend on Anaheim on Sunday. These are people who genuinely hate the police and view them through Marxian lenses as the uniformed arm of the One Percent, whose purpose is to repress and control minorities through brutalization. It sounds weird to anyone who isn’t a college student or a tenured professor, but there are actually still people who believe that kind of nonsense.

So, a few hundred of them are coming to Anaheim, and they aren’t kumbaya-type personalities. Acevedo (and Huizar) helped to summon the genie, and now she is concerned that it has a mind of its own.

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The Charter Review Committee met tonight to appoint the two remaining members (as I posted about yesterday) from the pool of remaining applicants.

The CRC has met and appointed Todd Ament and Gloria Ma’ae. Two very fine, qualified choice that speak to the wisdom of those committeemembers who voted for them.

There’s more to report, but that will have to wait. I’m not a big one for blogging from an iPhone.

UPDATE: I spoke with someone who was at the CRC meeting last night, and this is how the nominations went down. Each CRC member nominated someone. Once the nominations were made, the committee voted on each one, and the top two vote-getters were appointed.

Ernesto Medrano nominated Veronica Rodarte. E. Thomas Dunn nominated Brian Chuchua (surprise!), Keith Oleson nominated Paul Kott, Craig Darrow nominated Todd Ament and Amanda Edinger nominated Gloria Ma’ae.

The vote on each nominee:

Rodarte: 4 to 1 against (Medrano being the “yes” vote)

Chuchua: 4 to 1 against (Dunn being the “yes” vote).

Kott: 3 to 2 against (Oleson and Dunn being the “yes” votes)

Ament: 4 to 1 in favor (Dunn being the “no” vote)

Ma’ae: 3 to 1 in favor (Dunn voted “no”; Medrano abstained).

There were a lot of good names among the applicant pool, but with only two slots not everyone can get the nod.

According to my sources, 200 to 300 assorted anti-police radicals, left-wingers and anarchists are expected to assemble in front of Anaheim City Hall on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. to commemorate last year’s riots — or as protest organizers term those nights of lawlessness and property destruction, “historic community mobilizations.”

Protest organizers are working to bus anti-social types from all over California. The website of Occupy Oakland (a truly radical group) has this link to a page for bus tickets to Anaheim; there are three tiers of ticket prices, including “solidarity pricing.”

Protestors are getting excited and sharing their feelings online. Frank Lara, a Party for Socialism and Liberation activist who seems to be putting together the Riot Bus from Oakland, made this Facebook profile picture:

Frank Lara

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The Charter Review Committee will hold its first meeting tomorrow evening at 6:00 p.m. in the Anaheim City Council chambers. Here are the CRC members (with their appointing councilmember in parenthesis):

  • E. Thomas Dunn (Tait)
  • Amanda Edinger (Kring)
  • Craig Farrow (Murray)
  • Ernesto Medrano (Brandman)
  • Keith Oleson (Eastman)

The CRC’s business will be limited to appointing two additional members from the remaining pool of applicants, who are:

1) Adelekan, Pat
2) Alvarez, Juan
3) Ament, Todd
4) Bengochea, Ron
5) Chuchua, Brian
6) Crow , Byran
7) Day, Sandra
8) Diaz, David
9) Elwell, John
10) Estep, Bill
11) Faessel, Stephen
12) Flores, Cecilia
13) Hall, Ryan
14) Hines, Theresa
15) Jensen, Madeline Rae
16) Kott, Paul
17) Larsen, Larry
18) Lodge, Steve Chavez
19) Ma’ae,Gloria
20) John, Machiaverna,
21) McCracken, Shirley
22) Mueller, Phyllis
23) Noteboom, Frances
24) Perez. Claudia
25) Porretta, Heather
26) Postma, William
27) Rodarte, Veronica
28) Shimogawa, Teresa
29) Sigala, Maria
30) Varnum, Dennis

Those appointments will bring the CRC up to its authorized members of seven people; the committee will elect its chair and vice-chair at its next meeting.

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