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When a union attempts to organize a work-place, it needs to get a specified percentage of targeted workers (I believe it is 30%) to petition for a unionizing vote, which is conducted by secret ballot.

Allowing workers to vote their preference in secret, free from harassment and intimidation, has become an obstacle to workplace organizing, so a top priority of the union movement is replacing the secret ballot with the “card-check” system.

Card-check does away with the secret ballot. Instead, union organizers go to work on employees to sign cards stating they want to be represented by the union. Once a majority of workers have been, This is done publicly, in full view of their co-workers and union organizers.  Union organizers know exactly who does and who doesn’t support unionization, making workers vulnerable to harassment and intimidation. Anyone who doesn’t think that would happen should attend an Anaheim City Council meeting packed with UNITE-HERE members.

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anaheim-demoRadicals, working with Genevieve Huizar and Donna Acevedo, are planning a long-hot summer for the good people of Anaheim. This is from the website of Answer – LA, a radical left-wing organization, and was e-mailed out last week to left-wingers around SoCal:

A letter from the mothers of Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo, murdered by Anaheim P.D.
Call to action on the anniversary of their sons’ murders

May 23, 2013

The following is a personal appeal from the mothers of Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo, the two men murdered on July 21 and 22 by Anaheim police which sparked the historic community mobilizations against the scourge of police brutality. They are joining with other family members who’s loved ones are victims of police brutality, the ANSWER Coalition and other community groups for a Southern California Unity March Against Police Brutality on the 1 year anniversary of the events. We urge everyone to read their letter below, and learn more about march by clicking here.

To the people of Southern California:

Our names are Genevieve Huizar and Donna Michelle Castro and we are writing to you and all organizations concerned with fighting police brutality and racism. Our sons were murdered on July 21 and July 22 of last year in the city of Anaheim, sparking weeks of rebellion and resistance to the epidemic of police violence that is affecting communities throughout Southern California and beyond.

These mass protests were made possible through the broad unity of local communities and activist organizations. We call on all of you, from Bakersfield to San Diego, to converge in Anaheim again, on the one year anniversary of those dramatic events. We will march united, in the name of our fallen sons, Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo, to demand an end to police brutality throughout the region.

Our demands for the July 21 march, which are our points of unity, have come from our experiences for the past year as steadfast activists in the police brutality movement throughout Southern California, fighting alongside countless grieving mothers.

We demand:

  • Justice for Manuel Diaz, Joel Acevedo and all victims of police violence!
  • Jail all killer cops! Fire the Los Angeles and Orange County District Attorneys!
  • End racial profiling, gang injunctions and police checkpoints!
  • Community control over all police and prison guards!

We know that the people hold the power to stop police violence and that this change can only come from our collective, direct action. We will gather at Little People’s Park in remembrance of the 1978 uprising against racist Anaheim police violence. We will march on Disneyland, a world icon of Southern California, and expose the real life experience of working people that are pushed outside the bounds of Southern California tourism and affluence.

Join us in the streets on July 21st! Please endorse and/or RSVP by clicking here.

In solidarity,

Genevieve Huizar Donna Michelle Castro
Unity March inititated by:
Family of Manuel Diaz (murdered by police in Anaheim on July 21, 2012);
Family of Joel Acevedo (murdered by police in Anaheim on July 22, 2012);
Family of Martin Angel Hernandez (murdered by police in Anaheim on Mar. 6, 2012);
Family of Jose de la Trinidad (murdered by police in Willowbrook on Nov. 10, 2012);
Family & friends of Mike Nida (murdered by Downey police on Oct. 22, 2011);
Elizabeth Bustamante and John Cabrera (shot by Long Beach police on May 14, 2011);
Family of Andres Avila (murdered by Pomona police on Oct. 16, 2011);
Family of Caesar Ray Cruz (murdered by police in Fullerton on Dec. 11, 2009);
ANSWER Los Angeles; United Survivors of Anaheim; Nida’s Rydas; Jeremy Marks Defense Committee; Long Beach Campaign to Stop Police Violence, Women Organized to Resist and Defend (WORD); KmB Pro-People Youth; March Forward!; Party for Socialism and Liberation; Worker Student Alliance (UC Irvine); and more (Click here to endorse)

Get involved!

Click here for the event information. Please share widely!
Click here to endorse and/or RSVP to the July 21 march as an individual or organization.
Click here to make a donation to help build this action.

Where to start?

I don’t know if Huizar and Castro-Acevedo actually wrote this letter or if they read, approved and signed it. Given the revolutionary, the-oppressive-power-structure-is-racist tenor, it sounds like it was written by a Chicano Studies student (pardon me – Chicano/a Studies. Mustn’t be politically incorrect).

This letter is not reasonable. It is not a tempered call for reform. It is not kind. It is devoid of goodwill and charity. Huizar’s and Acevedo/Castro’s screed is the rhetorical clenched fist of the revolutionary. It’s oozes the radical’s impulse to smash.

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[Editor’s Note: the video in this post contains obscenity]

Last week, at a press conference following the Los Amigos meeting, Donna Acevedo led a press conference claiming “Working-Class Anaheim Neighborhoods Say “Enough” To Police Brutality and Harassment.”

Leaving aside the question of whether Ms. Acevedo and the half-dozen other participants can legitimately claim to speak for the working-class Anaheim neighborhoods, one of Ms. Acevedo’s demands was “a respectful dialogue with the new leadership of the department.”

Is this video an example of “respectful dialogue” she hopes to have?:

Wow – thank you for modeling “respectful dialogue”: stalking Anaheim police officer Kelly Phillips in his minivan at a carwash, calling him a “murderer” and dropping f-bombs.

The urbane, articulate videographer is some guy who uses the YouTube handle “Sinnah Back.” He’s a collaborator of Donna Acevedo’s (you can see her next to the back SUV at about the 40 second mark -“Sinnah” is asking her “where’s the other one at?”

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Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Gail Eastman

Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Gail Eastman

The OC Register reports some rules of decorum will be applied Anaheim City Council meetings starting this Tuesday:

The recent spate of unruly behavior during council meetings prompted city officials to establish new decorum rules, which start at Tuesday’s meeting.

“Part of democracy is attending a council meeting and decorum is a part of that,” City Councilwoman Gail Eastman said. “I think that the better we can educate our citizens, the more productive meetings we’ll have.”

Pamphlets printed in English and Spanish will be distributed during council meetings, reminding attendees that they may be asked to sit down or leave the room for using “personal, threatening, abusive, slanderous or profane remarks to any member of the Council, staff or general public.”

Those refusing to leave the meeting peacefully or voluntarily may be removed by a police officer and face misdemeanor charges of disruption, according to the City Charter.

The taunts reached a vociferous crescendo May 14, when the Anaheim City Council voted 4-1 to approve a $158 million tax break for the developer of two luxury hotels at the GardenWalk outdoor mall.

Several people shouted over the council’s lengthy debate. Others mimicked council members who they did not agree with.

Good. Those a totally reasonable rules. Filling out speaker cards won’t impede anyone’s right to speak and will obviate the need to people to stand in the aisle waiting for their opportunity. I’d be curious to hear from anyone who believes the rule against being threatening  abusive, profane or slanderous limits their ability to speak their minds?

The big test will be when the odious William Fitzgerald takes to the podium on Tuesday. I doubt he’ll be able to open his mouth for more than 10 seconds without violating the new rules.

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d-land 24 hourDisneyland second annual 24-Hour Party got underway at 6:00 a.m. this morning. People started lining up yesterday evening and a couple of thousand were ready to enter when the park opened its gates this morning, according to the OC Register.

Having learned via experience just how popular this event is, Disneyland and the city are better prepared to cope with the additional traffic and other demands. From the OC Register:

Disney, city and traffic officials are getting ready for the worst-case scenario, holding meetings to plan ahead – something they didn’t do much of last time.

For the first time, the city’s Traffic Management Center will stay open for more than 48 hours to monitor traffic, extending green traffic lights to improve the flow. Last year, the center was closed by the time cars backed up.

Among other steps being taken:

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Community policing memeI was just reading this Voice of OC article, “Neighborhood in Anaheim Turns on Police” and found this passage extraordinary:

“In the second incident early Sunday morning, officers arrived at the neighborhood with guns drawn because of a report that an armed gang member had invaded a resident’s home, according to Dunn.

Hostile residents again challenged police officers, he said.”

Let me get this straight: a West Guinida Lane man calls the police, reports an armed gang member has entered his home looking for someone, and asks for help. The police arrive to assist this man – and they’re the ones getting harassed!

It’s helpful to remember the one of the very fundamental reasons we form governments is to protect our lives and liberty from criminals. It’s there in the Declaration of Independence:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men…”

I called Sgt. Robert Dunn, the Anaheim Police Department’s public information officer and asked for more detail on this incident. Sgt. Dunn told me a male called the police to report that someone he identified as a gang member had entered his home, armed and looking for someone.

I asked what time on Sunday morning the call came in. 4:30 a.m., Sgt. Dunn told me.

Did the crowd form after the arrival of the police. No, replied Sgt. Dunn – the crowd was there at the scene when the police arrived. The intruder had left by tat time.

So, shortly after 4:30 in the AM on Guinida Lane, there was an angry waiting for the police – who were there to secure an individual right to be safe in his own domicile. [And why is there a crowd waiting to assemble in the pre-dawn hours?]

According to Sgt. Dunn, this has become common in that neighborhood. He mentioned a recent incident: a pursuit that ended with the police securing the vehicle, in which a firearm was found. As police secured the crime scene, someone in a car with an “FTP: Film the Police” sticker circled the area, yelling obscenities and calling the officers murderers.

I have to wonder: why is it that the discussion of crime and policing in Anaheim is framed by the belief that it is the police who need to do more? That it is the police who need to improve their community outreach and be laced under closer supervision?

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Rioters of the World, Unite!

Rioters of the World, Unite!

The weekend incident between Donna Castro and the Anaheim police is a vivid illustration at how differently political progressives view the issue of crime.

This screed by Vern Nelson on Orange Juice Blog is a good example. Every death from an officer-involved shooting is termed a “murder.” The criminality of those shot by the Anaheim police is glossed over. Nelson paints a Manichean picture of trigger-happy rogue cops recklessly blasting away at young Latino males who are minding their own business.

Nelson also lauds the rowdy crowd that quickly gathered around the scene where Anaheim police officer Kelly Phillips ticketed Castro for impeding traffic – although he fails to mention the mob taunted the police and angrily pelted them with bottles and eggs.

Members of the mob took videos and uploaded them to Ustream – a tactic Nelson salutes and encourages. You don’t see much of the police, but you do get an earful of obscenity-laden threats and hectoring of the police. [It’s interesting how the witnesses who claim to see all manner of Anaheim police misbehavior never have any pictures or video to back up their claims, despite the ubiquity of camera phones.]

What’s instructive is this behavior strikes Vern Nelson and other progressives as a good and worthy. Progressives tend to be romantics, inclined to see behavior like that in the videos — or last summer’s “unrest” — as more akin to the Parisian workers manning the Commune barricades than what it is: an unruly mob trying to provoke the police.

A riot isn’t a riot – it’s “civil unrest.” When the woman on the video screams, “Keep Kelly Phillips off of our street! This is what you’ll have to deal with every time. We’re all going to come out here, and we’re all going to protest your asses,” the progressive ear hears the thrilling opening chords of an uprising against The Man. It’s exciting.

The average Anaheim resident on the other hand, viewing civic life through the lens of ordered liberty and placing due value on tranquility and lawfulness, is more likely to react very differently to scenes like that in the Ustream video. This is precisely the kind of disorderly conduct and incipient lawlessness they don’t want in their neighborhoods, let alone in their city.

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Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray

Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray

In her e-newsletter last week, Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray published this column on the state Supreme Court’s ruling on the legality of cities banning medical marijuana dispensaries, and I’ve been meaning to post it here:

CA Supreme Court Upholds Cities’ Right to Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Last week, the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of cities’ right to ban medical marijuana dispensaries within city borders. [Read the full story here.] 

This ruling is a significant victory for Anaheim, as the City has been working for years to ban dispensaries from operating within our community.  

As background, in 2007, the City adopted Ordinance No. 6067, which banned the establishment and operation of medical marijuana dispensaries in Anaheim. Soon thereafter, the City was sued in an attempt to overturn the ordinance and that litigation continues. In 2011, the City Council approved a moratorium to prevent new medical marijuana dispensaries from opening while we continued to work through the courts on the existing litigation and that moratorium expired in January of this year. This moratorium was passed in the wake of numerous dispensaries opening within Anaheim neighborhoods. That year, I worked closely with Senator Lou Correa on state legislation, SB 847- legislation seeking to ban dispensaries from operating within 600 feet of residential areas.  

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Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray is kicking off her Anaheim City Council re-election campaign next month with an event at The Diamond Club in Angel Stadium:

Kris Murray fundraiser

The event is from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on June 25. Kris has been a great councilmember and I encourage anyone who cares about the direction of Anaheim to buy a ticket and support her in what is shaping up to be a hard-fought race.

RSVP to Emily at 714-402-5759 or

Tefere Gebre of the OC Labor Federation

Tefere Gebre of the OC Labor Federation

Apparently, something doesn’t even have to be true to become the subject of media coverage.

Today, the Voice of OC published a story headlined:

“Honda Center Layoffs Could Mean Tax Credits for Company.”

What follows is an entire article claiming that when Anaheim Arena Management hires some 500 food-and-beverage workers as part of bringing that service in-house, it could, maybe, possibly apply for Enterprise Zone tax credits. The VOC even quotes an outraged Ada Briseno, vice-honcho of UNITE-HERE Local 11 (which represents the Aramark workers currently providing food-and-beverage service at The Honda Center):

The workers’ union on Wednesday called the move “absolutely shameful.”

“Make no mistake, this is an attempt by Anaheim Arena Management to undercut workers’ rights, reduce wages and cut benefits,” said Ada Briseno, secretary-treasurer of Unite Here Local 11. “And because the Honda Center is in an enterprise zone, they will receive millions in tax breaks for firing the workers and hiring replacements. It is corporate welfare at its worst, and taxpayers will foot the bill.”

Here’s the problem: what Ms. Briseno’s is saying is totally, completely false. Anaheim Arena Management has never had any intention of applying for Enterprise Zone tax credits and have issued a statement to that effect:

Anaheim Arena Management Will Not Apply for Enterprise Zone Credits

ANAHEIM, Calif. (May 16, 2013) – The Chairman of Anaheim Arena Management, Michael Schulman, released the following statement today, clarifying that the company will not seek tax credits under the State of California’s Enterprise Zone program and hopes and expects many employees working for the expiring food service contractor at Honda Center will apply for positions with the in-house food service operations.

“To make the record perfectly clear, our decision to take food service in-house was based solely on our relentless pursuit of giving our customers the very best entertainment experience possible. It had nothing to do with California Enterprise Zone tax credits, which we never had any intention of utilizing.”

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This also came over the transom, from The Honda Center:


Julie Margolin Named Director of Food & Beverage Services
ANAHEIM, Calif. (May 14, 2013) – The Honda Center announced today its plan for hiring more than 500 workers to become part of an industry-leading sports and entertainment organization. Interested parties are urged to go online to to apply for a position and schedule an interview. Thousands of applicants are anticipated and appointments will be confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis beginning immediately.

“After 20 great years of event hospitality, we’re elevating the Honda Center food and beverage program to an even higher level,” said Tim Ryan, President of Honda Center. “Fans should look forward to a new standard of guest service and our new employees can look forward to a dynamic work environment. We’re thrilled to be making these improvements and there couldn’t be a more exciting time to join the Honda Center Team!”

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Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray

Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray

This came over the transom a little while ago from Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray:

Statement by Council Member Kris Murray on passage of GardenWalk Hotels economic assistance agreements

Anaheim–The Anaheim City Council has voted to approve the GardenWalk Hotels economic assistance program, in a move expected to generate nearly $500 million in new city revenues according to city staff.

Council Member Kris Murray gave the following statement:

 “This is a win-win for our city. 

This program increases city revenues without raising taxes, which allows us to fund neighborhood programs like parks and libraries, along with our vital police and fire services. And no general revenue dollars will ever be spent on this project.

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It was a loooooong Anaheim City Council meeting (I did not attend as it is my youngest daughter’s birthday, but caught as much as I could on the Internet), the Anaheim City Council voted 4-1 to approve the GardenWalk economic assistance agreement.

Mayor Pro Tem Gail Eastman and Councilmembers Lucille Kring, Kris Murray and Jordan Brandman voted “yes.” Mayor Tom Tait voted “no.” No real surprise there.

It is interesting to reflect on the differences between tonight and last year’s vote on a different GardenWalk agreement. Orchestrated council chamber drama from the UNITE-HERE/OCCORD drones aside, opposition to the TOT rebate has waned. remember, GardenWalk was made an issue during the 2012 council elections, and Jordan Brandman was attacked rather severely for it in several hit pieces from a variety of sources – and he was still the top vote-getter.

Last year it was approved on a 3-2 vote. Tonight the vote was 4-1.

Last year, the vote was followed by an initiative campaign to require voter approval of TOT rebates for hotels, fueled by $64,000 in funding from Orange County Employees Association (which later stopped the money train, causing the initiative to sputter to a halt).

Anyone expecting a repeat of that?

This long and divisive drama (much longer and more divisive than was warranted or ever should have been) has come to a close. The vote has been taken, the agreement is done, and other issues are on their way to the City Council in the run-up to what looks to be a real donnybrook in 2014.

Anaheim Councilwoman Lucille Kring

Anaheim Councilwoman Lucille Kring

Yesterday, Anaheim Councilwoman Lucille Kring sent out this e-mail regarding the GardenWalk agreement coming before the City Council this evening:

To the Residents, Business Owners and Workers in the City of Anaheim,

There has been so much misinformation about the Garden Walk issue that I feel the time has come for my voice to be heard on this subject. First of all, the city is NOT writing a check to a developer for $158 million. There will be no cuts to police, fire or city services.

Some background on the subject of tax subsidies for development in our City:

In May, 1999 on a 5-0 unanimous vote by the council consisting of Mayor Tom Daly, Shirley McCracken, Frank Feldhaus, Tom Tait and myself, The Pointe Anaheim Project, later named Garden Walk was approved and was to consist of three hotels, high end dining and retail, public art displays and the possibility of a public aquarium. An additional 400 Time Share units were also planned above the parking structure. Included in the footprint of that project was the Anaheim Plaza Hotel, which would have given the mall a frontage on Harbor Boulevard, across from Disneyland. After the 9-11 terrorist attacks, the economy suffered a period of uncertainty that halted a great deal of building; the developer of this project did not have the funds to buy the hotel and the main entrance of the mall ended up on Katella. There were a few starts and stops because of the economy. The mall opened in June, 2008 with about 65% occupancy. The six restaurants all opened between 11-07 and 4-08.

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Mayor Tom Tait

Mayor Tom Tait

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait recorded a robocall that went out yesterday (I don’t know how wide a voter universe it went to):

This is Mayor Tom Tait. At tomorrow’s city council meeting, special interests and lobbyists are returning to ask taxpayers to subsidize two luxury hotels.

If passed, our city will be forced to pay one developer $158 million dollars over the next 29 years, taking away money meant for vital city services such as police, fore protection and libraries. If you oppose this, as I do, please call City Hall at 714-7655247 to express your view.

Thank you.

My committee, Tom Tait for Mayor 2014 has paid for this call.

Rendering of GardenWalk hotels.

Rendering of GardenWalk hotels.

The GardenWalk Hotels agreement is on the May 14 agenda of the Anaheim City Council.  The cap on the total TOT rebate is still $158 million (which is a tricky number that merits further explanation in another post), but the 80%-20% split has been modified to 70%-30% stretched out over a longer period of time of 20 years (which actually makes it more expensive for the developer). This applies to two hotels — a  convention hotel of least 466 rooms and a resort hotel of at least 350 rooms. These hotels will be built separately in phases, and the TOT rebate “ends on the earlier of twenty years from completion of construction or, provision of assistance up to a not to exceed amount of approximately $158 million gross. The net present value (NPV) of the maximum assistance under the Agreements ($46.6 million) represents 16% of development costs and compares quite favorably with our Southern California competitors as noted above.”

Unlike the earlier GardenWalk assistance agreement, this time the staff is recommending a “yes” vote by the council. Here’s the staff report’s conclusion:

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"Parents: sorry but seeking your input is not politically advantageous to me at this time."

“Parents: sorry but seeking your input is not politically advantageous to me at this time.”

A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Jose F. Moreno, in his capacity as head of Los Amigos, issued a call for the City of Anaheim to hold a series of public forums at which “residents, community organizations and stakeholders” — i.e., scripted participants recruited by Los Amigos and allied interests —  could “provide input in the characteristics that their city needs in a new City Manager.” My suspicion is the real purpose was to have the city do the work of organizing events to which Moreno could invite the media to report on what he and his comrades had to say.

So, it is interesting that when it came to pushing out Dr. Roberto Baeza, the popular and effective principal of Benito Juarez Elementary School, Moreno – in his capacity as the de facto jefe of the Anaheim City School District Board of Education — had no interest in having the affected stakeholders (parents) provide input on keeping the principal they have and want to keep.

It’s sort of like how Moreno agreed to be lead plaintiff in the ACLU’s lawsuit against the City of Anaheim for allegedly not electing enough Latinos to the City Council, but takes no such action against his own Anaheim City School District Board — which has had proportionately fewer Latinos elected to it.

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The Anaheim Citizens Advisory Committee has finished its work and its report will be forward to the Anaheim City Council a the end of this month.

There’s a great deal to be said about this entire process, but I won’t try to put it all in one post. I would like to offer some initial thoughts and observations.

First, of all: who writes the OC Register headlines? The OCR’s article is headlined:

“Group recommends districts for Anaheim, larger council”

That isn’t true. The CAC was split on the question of single-member council districts. last month, CAC members were asked to vote on whether they want to elect council members at-large or from single-member districts – and split 5-5 on the question. Last night, five CAC members — including one who voted for single-member districts last month — wanted to discuss the option of recommending the system used by Santa Ana, Newport Beach and the Orange Unified School District: running from a council district but being voted on at-large.

The progressive bloc on the CAC successfully fought off further discussion because CAC member Keith Oleson inexplicably joined them in opposing considering of the at-large districts alternative.  I say “inexplicably” because Oleson opposes single-member council districts, leaving many scratching their heads as to why he would ride to the rescue of the pro-single member district bloc.

Resolute Minority Beats Disorganized Majority
Which brings me to my next point: the advantage that organized, determined minorities have over disorganized, uncoordinated majorities. That is something the Left understands very well, and it showed throughout the CAC process.

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Dr. Jose F. Moreno

“Sorry, parents of dual-immersion students are not invited to the dual-immersion fundraiser at my house.”

On Tuesday, I posted a comment from a Benito Juarez Elementary School parent blasting Anaheim City School District Trustee Jose Moreno and ACSD Superintendent Linda Wagner over the impending transfer of the school’s popular and effective principal, Roberto Baeza.

Moreno is also the lead plaintiff in the ACLU’s lawsuit to force Anaheim to replace the current at-large council election system with a single-member council district scheme. But I digress.

Today, the OC Weekly‘s Gabriel San Roman has an article with more on the issue. Here’s an excerpt:

But is there more to the story than a simple routine rotation? Our sources say there is, indeed, an axe to grind between Moreno and Baeza and that it does, in fact, concern dual immersion. They tell the Weekly that a California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) fundraiser, partially for the DLI program at Juarez Elementary, was held last weekend at Moreno’s home, but with a selective guest list that included Anaheim mayor Tom Tait, Los Amigos Chair Emeritus Amin David (Moreno is David’s successor), and the new supe herself–but not Baeza, originally (he did eventually make an appearance). Meanwhile, parents whose children are actually enrolled in the program weren’t given an open invitation to the event. ¡Que huevos!

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Jason Young liarAnaheim Blog readers remember Jason Young, gadfly wedding videographer with a court record.

Jason is about as subtle and nuanced as a sledgehammer. Jason’s favorite tactic is accusing people of being “liars” – an interesting approach from someone convicted of burglary and identity theft.

Today, Jason unsheathed his stiletto in an attempt to slash (figuratively speaking) the newest member of the Anaheim Citizens Advisory Committee, Amanda Edinger.

I’ll not link to Jason’s attempt at character assassination. He posts screenshots of some comments Mrs. Edinger has made on Facebook and uses them to falsely claim Mrs. Edinger is anti-immigrant. In other words, the guy who continually accuses other people of being liars shows himself to be exactly that: a liar.

Amanda Edinger’s comments reveal that she thinks the federal welfare state is too big and that too many people are dependent on it; that immigrants who are in this country illegally should not be given amnesty; that immigrants to this country should learn English; that the federal government should be able to control the border; that individuals should strive to be self-sufficient. All of these are views that are squarely in the mainstream of American political thought.

But Jason Young, in a deeply dishonest act, smears her as “anti-immigrant.”

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